Hillary Clinton Through the Eyes of the Public…

How well do you know your candidate for office…..which part of a human is that withal part which interacts with their public duties. Will you ever know someone well enough to judge their character and for cast their future based on their behavior.

As we sit in the middle of a strange and turbulent election season it’s clear that the public is struggling with some aspect of this voting process. In fact as we get closer to the end game the candidates seem to be traveling in opposing directions from which it was for cast. Trump seems to gain friends with exposure….his previous brushes with limelight do not define him as the intimidating loudmouth that the press has painted. Hillary however is fading rapidly in the dark forest with each exposure she fails to leave even a minimal impression. 

I am a woman so I feel that my view point is not skewed against women. I feel that a good choice for the office if the president is that person who captures the eye and heart of the people. The impression that a woman will help other women is false.

I liked Bill Clinton during his years in office….I am a firm believer that a hard and fast connection between a leader and the voters always yields the best results and has since the beginning of time. When you can feel the connection from both sides then science says that the attraction is mutual…..they feel and understand each other and like good partners will communicate to find that comfortable setting. Yes, charisma has us purposes and is far more valuable than previously allocated.

Hillary is an oddity that I don’t understand….she struggled with her self image even when Bill was in office. I am not sure that she feels comfortable with herself….in her skin and in her clothes and hairstyles that are never complimentary and always changing.

I think most women fell out with Hillary when the Bill scandal hit the airwaves. It was not so much that he had meandered from his marriage because life can be a challange…interactive was her lack of emotional response to the events. Yes, she was a first lady and in a sensitive position but still she was a human and a woman….yet nothing that was expected transpired from her direction. That aloof and cold exterior continues to date. 

Her life after her husband left office was equally strange….they lived thousands if miles apart across continents….they did not divorce but by no means was this a traditional marriage. I am not sure that Hillary is running for office as much as she is competing with Bill and trying to prove herself to a man that has denied her in some way. All relationships have their unusual angles from the point if view if outsiders but this one just does not hell.

I watched several minutes if last night’s debate and was less impressed than ever. Hillary is more if a performance artist than a human….she has relied so heavily on others to shape her for this election that unnatural is a good word to describe the entire debacle. 

Both of these candidates come from the same social, racial background but one if them has scared this nation. I mentioned to someone that Hillary run for office is uncibstitutional….Bill fulfilled his 2 terms in office and according to our laws may not run again….however they are a couple….how do we determine which one is responsible for the influences being exerted……he could literally sit there and let her become a hand puppet. There are just too many issues with her run for office.