Good versus Evil….

I just got out of the shower, I am sitting here drip drying. Nothing like being screamed at by Jews and indians when you are naked sitting under water. Today they are slightly sullen like a burnt peice of bread. Seven years into their mayhem in my life and I am still alive inspite of all the physical and emotional the election draws near they are losing steam….all they have left after all of their failures in this world is now attacking individuals hoping to raise their bellies above the belt level.

They wanted to reassure me today that they will always be in control….they had a morsel of Jewish appraisal for my self esteem values. They wanted to ruin my day. According to Abraham’s children all those fat over fed assholes….evil will always rule over good on this plane they said. As my mind wondered looking for why that might be…he said….evil requires less lubrication… does not feel that it has to feed into requirements and boundaries… it can wheel and deal it’s way. I told them with great mirth that as soon as I dry my wet ass, I am going to post this on facebook….so it ruins their day.

I prefer to think that honoring others and doing things correctly the first time has our bonds and boundaries with others. Clearly israel believes in the fast buck…..they must be investing their denominations on another anet because they have worn a hole in their welcome mat.