Fear and Psychosis….

PPsychosis defies understanding….iI is a period when the human brain is unable to function and make judgement calls. voice hearing and psychosis go hand in hand. when you see mass murders and killers who hear voices then you know that a human was spun in such a way to render them temporarily into something else. 

Psychosis is the interaction of a human brain with a broadcast program…. dementia …..alzhimers and other neurological symptoms also have the same basic components in common. those who manage the program have set the parameters to hurt and damage people….tthese symptoms are not accidental. your brain on a daily basis has its own volume levels that are controlled by your emotional levels. humans experience extremes in behaviors like all living creatures. when you are angry and upset your brain output surges……lectricity with governs your nervous system increases it’s voltage and the program can adhere itself to your nervous system and then you are on someone else’s volume control. the program is all around you all the time and on some level we all interact with it all day long. the program can also adhere to your body and the worst experiences are derived when it connects to your head and face. 

Connecting it to your head and face allows for them to manipulate your brain centers and in some cases they are able to somehow gain total access over one person’s behavior and perception. the program does not permanently stay connected to the human head and once it’s disconnects it becomes harder to gain access again and again until it’s rejected permanently. the program is affected by extreme responses such as fear and rage……nd over time your own nervous system rejects it by bypassing it.

Dexpending on whether you are right handed ir left handed your brain uses opposing lobes to control your motor skills and cognitive abilities. the goal is to connect the program to the opposing side if your brain to cause maximum confusion. your 2 lobes balance each other out the program shifts that balance.

I hAve memory of months during those early periods where reality for me was drastically turned upside down. i can look back at those moments, remember them but at the same time be horrified that I was unable to govern my own thoughts. Isteel desires the moments of psychosis because they use them to damage others . …..he victim is prime during those months and weeks to be led into situations by hypnotic suggestion and simply inference. psychosis destroys lives , careers, marriages and relationships. vErykah few people survive it intact….mmany die and as many find themselves in an institution for the mentally unwell. 

You don’t have to be on a special list as a Israeli enemy to be damaged by this program……aany human experiencing extreme emotional distress will be touched by the program. if you have ever flown into a rage that became an inferno and you realized that you flew off the edge then you know that moment. the program can shift an argument into a moment of violence. nit only can you be pushed emotionally but words can be placed into your mouth than will stun you. the best way is to always take a moment to think before you react . 

The elderly are particularly at risk because aging causes changes to the mind and body and also personal circumstances. someone who is scared for their future, their life and financial means will be prone to panic and anxiety attacks that are promoted by the program and can graduate into permanent damage.