Facebook Israel’s Playground…..a Place to Collect Humans and Data…

Humans are born communicators and the age of technology has become it’s own personal joy stick. I love toys that allow you to enable yourself to reach more people more effectively. But nice people can become a victim of technology when they don’t know how it’s being used and why.

The most dangerous tool used by the average person is facebook the very place where you are reading this. Facebook is owned by Israel not for entertainment purposes but human identification and management purposes with a very dark side.

Creating facebook was a lie in itself…there have been a few movies about its founder…the genius boychild who hacked systems. But did he really.  The most dangerous collection system has been given the face of a young boy when he is nothing more than a front man for Israel. Facebook has gone through several growth spurts so expensive that today it sits in a compound which is a small city of its own. How exactly does a free social media venture become so rich that it does not charge the users a fee. Where are all the advertisers. These are the questions that one day America will focus on. Even Obama and Donald Trump have facebook pages. Benjamine Netanyahu has a Facebook page on which I have most material that should have lit a fire storm but there is never a single response…….I don’t know how many thousands sit on that page but it must be the best fake page of all creating a false impression of israel and it’s adoring fanclub.

According to India israel has 25000 iris identification that were part if the original arc technology…..and they add to it everyday through contact with those who are already identified. Israel wanted to build a system that would build upon itself and expand outward to include the whole world eventually. This system would identify people if intetest to israel and their social networks.  This always Israel to identify the enemy…..and anyone associated with the enemy is also the enemy because they are part of an understanding perpetuated by family ties…organizations….friends and colleagues workers.  

Arc technology can follow you for the rest if your lufe and archive every word written and spoken by you. If your address is found then every private moment 8f your life is watched. They were the ones who taught me that every human has a unique written and spoken signature. How you write…what you write…your speech pattern….all of it is entered into a super computer. Someday in a different wirld….a fascist…communist setting…..someone will pull you out if your bed at night and jail you…..accusing you of written statements, provided by others…..accusing ND nothing you can do or say will change your predicament…or save your life.

The arc is connected to facebook and every word written by every human enters into a super computer that not only determines Israel’s individual reaction to them but they look at the cumulative content if daily words to see how the world perceives itself…how does America view the election process….which candidate is really ahead. Using this data it then creates your daily headlines through CNN and Fox news and other Jewish organizations to fixate you…put fear into you and ruin your outcome.

Facebook also has tens of thousands of paid trills from India. I have wondered how security on facebook fails to remove the millions of fake pages used by Israel’s informants to recruit people, damage people or argue with people on every page. Facebook is a hunting ground. Someday you will sit for weeks in silence when the truth about your world is unveiled. People like me are the trainees if that new wirld….voice hearers in the millions….who walk around all day and night being screamed at by Jews and indians. They were convinced that they could create a jail without bars….run by a machine that can kill you with electricity in command. Believe it or not……you are living in that world…I am it’s proof.