Facebook and Other Admissions….

AAcording to israel every human has a Facebook page…….ven if you did not create it. those who created their own pages have it as their primary focal point……Facebook  is a glitzy government project. it is an archive that will exist after your death and be used against you when you return.

Whe is Israel implicating themselves….i rearly have no clue. i hAve done my best to document what I understand from my perspective. do we all live in a fake country called Israel with a Banner called America? I am not sure that is the case. israel has a violent history of destruction, war and genocide that it has brought up in others and has had inflicted upon it. 

A comment made this evening is that Israel has funneled money over time in horrific sums with so many zeros that you could not pronounce. that these funds sit in many places and in many cases are subject to scrutiny as western nations wait to see who..ntends to claim them. that the entire NASDAC system of investing is a large scam run by Jews using arc technology which meant that they only lost money to give the appearance that this system was equally beneficial to all people. 

The Bieldberg Gromp is that group responsible for this mess. The members of this group have scammed, killed, created voice hearing and schizophrenia and mental illnesses  galore. an entire planet has been placed in physical and financial danger……ecause Jews believe that they arrived here first…….ttat this is their planet.