Electoral Votes . ….

Each state is assigned a number ofelectoral votes according to its population. The number of electoral votes is set at 538. Each state receives one electoral vote for the number of members it has in the House of Representatives; this accounts for 435 of the 538 electoral votes.

Weeks ago when the media began to push Hillary as the big winner in the numbers game I git worried that my inner sense simply did not match anything that the media wanted to portray .  one morning I logged on to facebook and chose a random article about the election and I took pen and paper and proceeded to read each and every comment. I designated a candidate to each comment when it was clear and possible to read it within the words .  I did 5 separate polls over several weeks and they all came back the same within a small margin. rather than asking someone who they are going to vote for….there is more trurh by simply inferring it as a reality represented by their own indirect comments . 

Donald was able to pull almost twice the number of votes and legally an election should be won just that way. someone long ago took it along themselves to assign a house of Representatives value to the political worth of each state……that is telling the people of America that if you are a farmer we consider you worthless to the political system…….you are nothing more than a cow herder . the system needs an overhaul . ……a human with twice the votes clearly did something extraordinary yet the margin of electoral votes between the two candidates fails to show the relevance.