Dear Reader……

When I was young I often pondered the truth of religion….does God really exist….did Jesus and Mary walk this earth. … there a plan for each one of us rather than our daily musings of life. I was brought up in a family that shunned religion but preferred logic, after all Noone has met god and life has progressed to the point that humans have list their faith in religion.

In the year 2016 few of us believe that there is much left to know that has not already hit the news stands. we live in a world of reality ruled by money and purchasing power and growing issues that have plagued modern society as it is over burdened by population, poverty, illiteracy and terrorism . 

In 2010 I was located by Israel and my world was shatteted. I have fought for my life and documented the last 7 years hoping to publish 11 books that will shake the foundation of Western society. this document involves 10,000 pages and over 3300 pieces of visual validation.

Israel did not find me out of kindness…they located me to validate their research and destroy me and my family. I am going to keep it simple by attaching some material here for you to view and links to follow. the truth of Christianity is far more astounding than what you have been told….Jesus and Mary were real peoe and are here today. There is a truth that Israel has withheld from humanity….I will let you decide…….