CNN and Fake News….Science or Propaganda….

This morning i.posted the following not only on my facebook page but also on other forums…..

Dear facebookers….I have done my voter polling this morning and here are the results. This is the 3rd independent survey….the first one had a difference of 40 more votes for Trump….the 3nd had 38 more for Trump…

Today’s survey is 98 to 56…….42 more for Trump……as you can see my polling method is far more accurate than CNN…..Go Donald

The point was that one human has the ability to conduct research on their own to answer a question without having to rely on others for an answer. That life is simple….has been simple and always will be simple unless you want to.complicate it for your own amusement and suffering.

The way i.conducted the polls was done in the following format and you too can do the same. Asking a stranger you do not know for their choice of candidates can be misleading here is how it’s done for those of you on facebook. Locate any current article dealing with the election and the candidates….get a peice if paper and a pencil. You will look at several hundred responses under the comments…the only time you are allowed to ignore a comment is when the respondent fails to indicate a choice. Sometimes choices are clear and at other times they require deduction from translating the comments. You will deduce based on words and not your own fears and bias as the scores tabulate. These people had no idea that a poll was being conducted….they were responding to an article and gave their opinion freely. All you will lose is close to an hour…..there is no cost. The truth is always free for those who are willing to find it. 

An ingress ting discussion was had with israel about my anger at CNN…that they contain no news but simply propaganda and lies. That their election numbers are based on nothing but a simple desire to fuel the candidate if their choice. Here was their answer.

They are fully aware of how things look to the public and yes they realize that Americans are angry at the press for a variety of reasons. They were curious if people choose candidates based on news coverage or based on other methods to derive an answer….after all they have technology so powerful that polling is not required….if they cannot figure out the truth then Noone can. Arch technology is the ultimate tool of numbers and values.

What they saw is that Trump was angered by the numbers because he is able to use his intelligence and his capabilities to come to a conclusion as I have. His campaign does not evolve around news for casts and figures. The Clinton campaign however has been the opposite….in secret they see failing figures but present themselves to the public using news for casts that are grandly false. 

I was worried if israel had list it’s mind backing a loser and lying but maybe not….time will tell as to where this will lead. Their numbers and mine are not far from each other… what this tells us is that one campaign…..will lead this nation to destruction. That one news organization for whatever reasons played a bizarre game and the results are stupifying.  

On the other side of the facts lies the responsibility of the press to present the facts in a scientific manner without bias. That this experiment created such fear in the nation that billions were lost….I lost almost a months wages….people have list their entire businesses and savings while this game has played out……we’re the results worth ut…..not really from my oersoective……the trurh could have been presented properly and still worked. Israel wanted to see if humans can find the truth amidst cinfusion…..this is yet another manner if running human experiments using technology at a detriment to humanity.