Can you tell the difference between real freedom and a fabricated one?

TTissue is a topic Israel wants to discuss. I have never during my lifetime lived in conditions where freedom was repressed and forbidden to the point where people fear for their lives. when I was two years old my father was a given a diplomatic post in Saudi Arabia…i remember vague discussions about dress code and I overheard my parents conversations about entertainment ir lack there of in Saudi Arabia. 

I came to the United States at the age of fifteen…..verything that I had read and knew about suggested that this country was the home of freedom. the world as I saw it was a place that was bblossoming into a better place over time. i came here because of a revolution in Iran in the opposing direction to freedom. when I landed here none of us exactly knew the totally of this situation, why it had happened and where it would oneday lead.

AMerida was not exactly what I had imagined but it was a version of that consideration. everything here was plentiful……tTeresa was no lack of food and the educational system was no where the strictness of that of Europe. aso a newcomer I had no difficulty fitting into my new adopted homeland……one questioned my validity or showed any animosity that my arrival was going to remove something from what was owed to them.

There was nothing as far as I could see or feel that curtailed my ability to experience those things that I wanted to. oNE night long ago we discussed the true price if freedom….hat freedom does have limitations it doestrogen not equate the direct impression created by the word freedom…..hich implies that anything goes. i alays felt that the United states lacked a certain degree of formality and respect….ttechnology public school that I attended was a far cry from the boarding schools of Europe. 

It was not until the late 1980s that the aroma of freedom began to take a turn in our lives. aLloyd of my father’s financial endeavors began to fail…..y own experiences with the work force were anything but pleasant. I gguess maturity was yielding it’s own sense of how things weigh out……..i was fully aware of the fact that things are always less than perfect……rhaps I was too picky, malbeit someday I would have the opportunity to make a difference.