Can a Machine Alter the Course of Humanity Without Exposing Itself…..

In seven years of being an unwitting victim I have deduced that liars and aggressors would rather not see their own image in broad daylight light. For some it’s possible to lie to themselves infinetly…..israel chose a partner in crime so they would take it upon themselves to lie to israel to convince them otherwise. They both use arc technology which was designed on Jupiter as a tool of betterment if mankind…..a machine that can only be used under the right set of circumstances ir it yes nothing. You cannot lie to the machine unless you pick a partner to become that alternative spokesperson. You train your people to lie to themselves and to you so the machine will work in your favor. 

Schizophrenia is caused when lying does not work and innocent humans are placed into the machine like a fresh cartridge…..their responses and brainwaves are used to supply the momentum to pull from the archives and pass them on to israel to refresh the machine when items are depleted.  There are thousands of humans on earth who have had access to these machines overtime and the machine has retained their signature, voice patterns and iris identification. Some are used inadvertently without realizing that a machine can enter your thought stream and ask questions and get answers…..others are used more actively because we had direct access to parameters they are not allowed to touch.

By befriending a human and winning them over the machine grants india or israel the same or evil ages that it would grant me. By my accepting their apology for defacing me and my family and my home I am keeping the machine from canceling their temporary membership. By killing me they will remove me because I have blocked their access so successfully that they cannot progress unless they find another host. 

As india and Israel feed on humans they lie about schizophrenia and medicate humans to push them out of the way. The machine also has a mind if it’s own….it seeks previous users by scanning this planet for things stored in its archives. In each lifetime there are thousands of humans walking this anet who are majority share hers if this machines ideology. The arc was stolen from Rome by Israel and when it senses it’s own shareholders it prefers their ideas to those if Israel. Those of us with majority shares then become an issue for israel putting firth their fascist ideas into action….the machine negates them so they seek us and kill us again and again in every lifetime so they can control the machine.

I have been sitting here influencing that decision by refusing entry to both israel and India.