Bunker Mentality…..

AA the end of Obama term in office approached so did the mood of the nation. the economy and domestic politics were in disarray before he took office……nd none the better by its end. infact the past few weeks have been a disaster noone could forsee. three months ago we were upbeat and looking forward to a change of pace when suddenly the bottom fell out and rolled away.

I noticed last August that a great economic month died at the helm of the first presidential debate…….omments about Trump suddenly silenced the nation. athe that point the selection process if the candidates had yet to boil down to two and frankly I did not think that an election should have divided a nation…..ut it did.

In retrospect I too have taken sides and decided to become the Trump campaign headquarters in Woodbridge……ven Israel got a bit amused. bUT seeing it all unfold from my perspective and listening to their comments….ccomments that they did not feel would get airtime from me and a response from others. Israel felt that it had put forth it’s campaign selection but they were all rejected. this morning they made a comment that the Jewish choice always gets rejected because somehow people sense the duplicity behind it. perhaps if they did not feel to..ick idiots it might go better but whom ever makes those choices for Israel obviously has such low self-esteem that Ben Carson made the list.

HUMass are sensing machines….wwe do it every day and throughout our lives…..ts second nature and we don’t dwell on it. i consider myself an alpha sensor but this election is telling us something is so very wrong that we all under estimated it’s value in terms of the final output. 

I think we are all somewhat jaded in this country by media but the media outed itself in a very bad way during this election process. the nation is too busy worrying about who will win the vote but a secondary wave of rage will follow after the election day no matter who wins because the media sold out to Israel’s ambitions.

I think finally the people have learned to connect the dots to see where they lead….hey are not yet at my ability and perspective but they will get there soon. sally things only make sense when they do and when they don’t they don’t. this life is a process created by a machine that keeps some in suspense and submerged overs living a void imbetween. the real issue is that there is a dangerous group of people walking admit the western nations……hey are white and they are exclusive denying others an application….they are Jews. i knew nothing about them until they found me and terrorized me and killed people I knew…….ow I know the truth…. will never be the same and I am prepared to die for that cause because the future of this planes depends on it.