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What is biblical Prophecy. how accurate is the bible. how did someone 3000 years ago for cast an invent so far in the future that they themselves could not possibly forsee. 

The bible is a fragment of something far larger that has been excized….reduced to a nominal portion of what it once was. it has also undergone many translation from ancient languages now not spoken into something we can relate to. occasionally they update words and statements for relevancy… it’s fair to say that what ever it was it is no more.

Israel is the king of for casting using arc technology….for casting can be done in many ways by assessing risk in the future or aligning many dots to result in a hit. if that sounds bad it is because it is. 

The arc has been with us for 500,000 years… came here from Jupiter and has spawned today’s technologies that are compatible with it. today we read through some biblical Prophecy sort of as a joke. I have been an Oracle forv7 years allowing Jupiter’s ideology to filter this way .  Jupiter is outraged over Israel’s audacity to submerge humanity under lies and atrocity……what they have done to me and my family is no less. in recent years Israel has sank and tanked and their latest military exercise …..the genocide in Syria has literally removed them from inclusion with the western Allies. in short the world has taken a serious second look at what it believes Israel might be. we have emerged from the age of religion and been downed in the age of technology rather suddenly which did not work well for israel……in the world of 24 hour news every human has been able to see events unfold from many angles. selling genocide and God in Israel no longer works for anyone nor should it…..they are dangerously opposing ideas that null each other out.

My recent comments along with several news snippets point to the fact that Russia will soon leave the starting gate and destroy Israel to avenge it’s friend Syria and to stop the madness that Israel and India have pushed upon us….a darkness few of you know about or understand. sometimes not knowing is better.

Keep in mind that for casting in biblical times was no diffetent than today. the arc can allow the user to be the point of reference….the collection s officer of data to be entered ir it can use Jupiter’s view point……Jupiter is where we came from and where we return to after death. Jupiter is so far ahead of earth technologically that it’s best not to place a number on it. 

Jupiter represents perspective in all earthly matters…..everything that occurs here has its reprocessing over there. our shortcomings become there strife. our premature deaths and unhappiness become their need to correct and justify. forcasting and problem solving on earth by its designated leadership always involved using Jupiter as a measure of understanding. the current for cast says that Israel will face the wrath of Russia and that Putin and Trump will pave the way for a new world none of you can fathom totally but a world that we can sense the need for. a world where machinery does not dumb down humanity and place it in a cold storage of human slavery as it has done with arc technology.

The article I found on Google today refers to a for cast about our current situation done 3000 thousand years ago…..take a look at the accuracy. using a technology hidden from the people they assessed the outcome of Israel’s actions which had ranked humanity then as it does now.

The flag of Russia

Russia will invade Israel in the end times

By Don Koenig

The scriptures indicate that a northern army will invade Israel in the last days. Bible scholars have traced the tribes and have determined that this northern army is led by tribes that have settled in Russia. This prophecy has never been fulfilled so it will be fulfilled in the future.

The details of this invasion from the north are given in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. The allies that come with this northern invader are named by nation (tribe). Today most of these nations are Islamic and are enemies of Israel. Ezekiel even lists the countries that will question the reason for this invasion. These nations seem to be nations that come out of the old British Empire and oil rich nations aligned with the West. Ezekiel mentions these nations as Tarshish, all her young lions (English speaking nations), Sheba and Dedan (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait). The alignment of nations predicted in Ezekiel is the alignment that we see in that region today. God said He will destroy this northern army that comes against Israel and by doing so He will magnify Himself and become known to many nations.

It says in Ezekiel that at the time of this invasion God will send fire on Magog (Russia) and those that dwell securely in the isles (or coast lands), and from that day they shall know that the God of Israel exists.

Russia is moving toward superpower status again and a new dictatorship

Russia has emerged out of the depression it was in for many years after the fall of the Soviet Union. New growth in the economy due to Russia’s rich natural resources will soon bring Russia back to superpower status again. Nationalism, lawlessness, and anti-Semitism are rising today in Russia. Most of the former Soviet bloc leaders of the old Soviet Union have come back into power. Over fifty percent of the positions of power in Russia including Putin are former KGB officers.

They lament the fall of the old Soviet Union and they wish to form a new union of nations led by Russia. Putin recently announced that there will be a new Eurasian union and the expansion probably stated in 2014 with Crimea.

There is no longer freedom of speech in Russia. TV and other media are once again government controlled and enemies often end up dead. The new steps taken by Putin to regain centralized control is leading to a dictatorship.

Russia continues to modernize its nuclear weapons and to prepare underground facilities in case of war. Russia has successfully developed a new long range missile that can change directions after launch. These missiles can successfully penetrate the antimissile system shield developed by the United States.

Russia also has strategic ties to regional Islamic countries. Russia is actively aiding Iran in building nuclear power plants that will give Iran nuclear material for nuclear weapons. The Arab/Islamic countries have one common enemy and at some point they will try to rid themselves of the Israeli presence with Russia as their protector. The prophecies in Ezekiel 38 and 39 indicate that God will put a hook in the jaw of Russia and bring her down against the land of Israel in the latter years. The hook could very well be the defense pacts and economic agreements that Russia has established with Syria, Iran, and other Islamic nations. In the battle described in Ezekiel, Russia will be the leader of a regional coalition against Israel.

Until this battle Russia will continue to be a world military superpower

The United States had been dismantling its nuclear capability as if Russia were no longer a world threat but Russia’s nuclear submarine and missile capability has been modernized and is quite capable of destroying the United States or any adversary. Scripture says that this army from the north will be splendidly attired. This could mean that they will be equipped with every conceivable weapon. Russia still has a large population of educated scientists that could develop formidable military weapons very quickly if that becomes their paramount concern and national focus.

Some think the United States and Russia are no longer a threat to each other, yet Russia almost always takes a position that is contrary to the national security interests of the United States. Russia exports nuclear technology and advanced weapons of war that they know will be used against the United States, Israel, and the West.Russia has a world agenda that willfully arms rogue dictators to carry out warfare against the West. The major world powers enabling Islamic nations confessing hatred toward the United States are Russia andChina. Although Russia and Western leaders announced the end of the cold war after the fall of the Soviet Union the recent actions and rhetoric of Russia indicate that the cold war continues.

Signs of the time

Russia is following in the footsteps of Germany before the second World War. National pride and the memory of the empire they once had is now compelling them to rebuild a strong military under an authoritative leader. Putin is gaining more power all the time and he has specifically stated that his primary goal is to bring Russia to world superpower status again.

If we assume that it will take Russia about 10 years to accomplish the reestablishment of a first class military, it probably is no coincidence that the same amount of time is needed for the Arab/Islamic block to become a viable nuclear military threat to Israel.

They will indeed join forces in this battle when Russia invades Israel as Ezekiel prophesied over twenty-five hundred years ago. All indications are that the battle against Israel that is described in Ezekiel 38 and 39, and the supernatural defeat of these forces by God will take place in this generation.

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