Arson and Acid Throwing…  

During the past few years the Indian voices have threatened to throw acid on my face in public….they have shown up to my front door ince…placed bullets in my car as well as my ex husband’s car message away. 

Acid throwing is an intetesting crime I thought yesterday. Violence happens for many reasons, too many to mention but certain crimes have unique fingerprints to human psychology. Most crimes probably happen as a result of anger and rage during an altercation…..arson and acid throwing are one if those few types of destruction where the criminal spends a lot of time planning and stalking his victim. We have a way if working through anger… is possible to enter through one door and exit through the other without damaging another human. But some people are unable to separate themselves from emotional expenditure.

Israel uses Indians for voice hearing…they are creatures of hatred, consumed by a lack of self esteem and a desire to destroy human and things that represent that which they don’t have. We tend to admire people they tend to seethe with jealousy. Just a few minutes ago a voice said….remember when you were a kid and you read stories about people who lived in castles….you didn’t hate them, you related to them….we don’t relate to those things, we hate you, we want you to die….

So I Googled acid throwing. I have seen several videos about the victims if acid throwing in Indias where this is a common practice. In India a man who is refused by a woman, either defaced her ir kills her….look at the choice of words….deface…..

Acid throwing is not a common crime but an unusual crime based in a geographical area of the world. I thought at first…ok…so these idiots don’t have access to guns….but I am not sure that is totally the answer either. There is a desire to deface your enemy ir object of hatred but allow them to live in emotional pain for the rest of their lives. Indians and Jews have some type of inner wiring which enjoys prolonged pain, so much so that they located their enemies from previous lives, surprise them and try to abuse them….that is the core principle of voice hearing….

People who throw acid….stone people…cut people’s throats….perform honor killings….commit arson… in dirty filthy countries….do not respond to human rights…..view women as objects and in reality are different from us in ways that science does not understand.

The Jew was screaming this afternoon…that Jews don’t see colors like you….we prefer shades of blue to yellow and red. That even in sunlight that is bright we are drawn to those bluesy afternoon shades. I remember looking up fabrics from Israel months ago….I said what in the hell is this….are these the only creatures on earth who don’t understand color. Remember that modernism…both in art and sculpture is a Jewish trend….all those shades of grey for wall paint come from that direction.

He screamed some more that the people of India don’t see sunlight….they never have. Their brains don’t register heat which means that their eyes don’t see light like us either. To them their world is as normal as ours is to us….we live in this world but we don’t discuss it. However India is a place where beautiful patterns and fabrics are made…..if you look at photos of India they live the color orange and yellow…..they have told me for years that they are similar to hive insects….their social strata is divided into layers….each layer has its own purpose and they may not enter others.  Their attraction to colors may have a similar value. Our understanding of red and orange may not be theirs. Isn’t it a little too late in human history to discover the truth.

This brings us back to the crime of acid throwing and what it says politically about an area of our planet that is currently causes a population influx…refugee influx and constant warfare and instability. I asked a client of mine who is a department of Defense attorney….he supervises payments….huge payments if money to Israel. I asked him several weeks ago…do you think our current planetary wide issues can be solved…..his answer was NO