Another Debate….

While the nation is anxious to learn what these candidates plan to offer their constituency we the viewers get an embarrassing situation called a debate. Literally I feel that I could have presented a better show with one hour of preparation. The debate and Donald’s comments are two separate issues….anyone wishing to listen to the comments can view the video for themselves and make up their mind. Jews have dragged this nation into a state of disrepair resembling reality television. Nothing about media resembles the days of my childhood when I ate dinner and watched Peter Jennings or Tom Brokaw.  Everything today is thrown to a panel of bimbos who direct things until it’s gone like farm pugs. 

I watched half of the debate last night…learned nothing other than these two people hate each other just standing on a podium. When an election turns into an act of public hatred then we need to question how this nation changed. I have been here 36 years and I don’t recognize this country so something must have happened for this to be true. 

Yes my life is not like yours…for almost seven years I have listened to a broadcast by israel aimed at me in my home. I place rhings on my everyday so you can all get a glimpse of what they withheld from the public. If any of these things have captured your eye then you have to ask yourself…either she speaks the truth ir she is out if her mind. In a few months 11 books will be complete and the public will get a chance to take this for a test drive. One day soon a simple DNA test will prove to everyone that reincarnation is a fact if life. Someday all of you will return to these lands and upon birth be given access to the bank accounts you left behind….something Israel did for its own for centuries….genetic banking. We return here and start all over again each time. They want to reduce humanity into a flock of sheep for their management.

This election is far more than anyone can u derstanding. Israel is fighting for its life on these lands. With the election of Trump they will lose our military and financial means. I am a woman however Donald will secure these lands….immigration is the biggest issue….israel is flooding this nation with garbage….because their history is garbage management for profit. When the really educated rule over the very poor…..they can sell anything they want to those who don’t understand the truth or their rights.