Ancient golf clubs…golf balls….space travel…..and meteor strikes…

Today has had a lot of surprises beyond my waking up and discovering that Lindsey Lohan is now in the middle of our election problems because Donald Trump believes that troubled women are best in bed.

My usual for ray of looking for identifications and verification of reincarnation led me to a statue from ancient a Egypt I have never seen before. I am constantly baffled as to how every few months I found a new cache of artifacts in exemary condition that none of us have seen in a museum or publicized on the Internet. This statue is of the God Ptah cast in bronze and he is hiding an object of great intetest. An object so intetesting that even a golf hater can recognize . He is hiding a modern golf club made of metal cast seamlessly….it’s not a wooden handle but a metal object. You can see the treads on the club where the ball impacts for grip….what this club has is something more than our version….this club has a balance bar opposite the iron angle for a better swing and movement.

As someone who lived in Egypt and studied art history I though what the hell is this. I Google Drive and found another individual who similarly found carvings of clubs and placed them online. Now let’s spend a few moments on the idea of golf itself…..all sports originated somewhere at sometime…both Egyptians and Romans played football so golf should not surprise us or should it. 

Golf leaves you with an impression of a space age civilization….a ball is an object traveling through space with trajectory…..building golf clubs shows you that perhaps simulation with computer technology allowed them to understand the nature of trajectory and how it’s affected by speed and impact. We even joked that modern golf balls kind of look like our moon…..a white dimpled object.

I even Googled  the connection between space travel and as a sport and I found an article by NASA….the space agency. Now we take this one step further.  The discussion about the dimpled surface if the moon was a big question….are these impact craters or something else. Why is the moon covered completely with these perforations and the earth only exhibiting a handful. The earth is a larger object than the moon and it should be a far better target. 

Several years ago tests were conducted where the moon was hit with objects and it was determined based on sounds collections that the moon is very likely hollow. So are these perforations impacts craters or the result of a manufacturing process that we don’t understand.

The topic grew to include impact creators on earth……we have been taught that impact creators are just that….that a large object entered the orbit if our planet was caught in its gravitational pull and made landing…..we even want to believe that such an impact resulted in the extinction if species known as dinosaurs. This is incorrect…..a meteor however large ir small travels with both speed and trajectory it does not fall through the sky and land directly below.  If you stand near a body of water a pond ir a lake ir even the ocean….throw a rock….UT will first skim the surface at an angle and continue to travel downwards at an angle. 

Science has wondered by large impact creators never contain the object in question….was the damn thing pulverized upon impact….if that’s the case then how can it turn into small measles while creating a large perfect circle. A real impact creator is a huge gouge…..the rock hits and continues to travel until it’s speed, trajectory and the object it hits create an obstacle.  A drop of water under control ed circumstances will ripple…..not even a drop of rain will ripple too has a trajectory at an angle. 

So what are these impact crators….they are blasts above the surface if the earth. The power of the blast leaves a circular impression because the object is exploding outward at all angles in an equal speed. So what creates rhese…..these are atom blasts from long ago….created either by arc technology in warfare…..or possibly mining.

Why or how humans are being taught false science and history should raise your eyebrows. So now we know that this planet is a protected habitat…..and that we have never been hit by any large object of consequence. That the earth’s atmosphere creates an oppositional force so that the larger objects are moved out of our way….broken into peices…and looking only the smallest objects the ability to penetrate.