All About Pyramids….

How well do you know your pyramid data….today we played a little word game with arc technology….israel gets to ask questions and I get to answer them…we are both saturated inside a medium filled with data….some of it known and others part of an archive that may yield it’s contents to the right person.

The traditional belief is that pyramids are about 5000 years old….that they are burial chambers for Pharoah of ancient Egypt…..that they have been looted and emptied of their contents and their exterior casings stolen as building material. There are no frescos or wall paintings inside…..nothing carved anywhere other than a single catouche found inside that indicated a Pharoah name…..which may or may not be indicative of anything other than old vandalism. 

The Giza plateau has three pyramids and several minor pyramids…..the enclosure includes the sphinx and buildings that are referred to as funerary or temples. Other than that the rest is up for grabs. People have measured the pyramids and created mathematical and geometric understandings that they do feel might be meaningful. Some archeologists believe that they align with orion a star system that humans may have come from.

The pyramids also have chambers….designated as the kings and Queens chambers….Noone knows exactly what they held and there are also shafts that open from these chambers to the outside….shafts that have no view and shafts that were closed permanently when the pyramid was sealed. 

There have been rumors ford years that the pyramids are all connected by a pathway of tunnels that are extensive. Of of course the how and why of building these structures has also been a great debate for decades…..we have all been shown pictures in books showing slaves being whipped and forced to carry blocks of stone up rampways. In modern times attempts have been made to build pyramids in the giza plateau to see if we with modern techniques can duplicate the efgort….the answer is no.