All about Polling Data….

NNumbers are misleading little things. this election has been all about misleading the public for as long as you can with words, images and numbers. the media probably didn’t change anyone’s mind as they hoped they would but they caused a state of shock and awe that threw the economy into a apocalyptic hibernation . 

I was so horrified by the media presentation that I finally reassured myself by conduction my own poll and then several polls which yielded the same results. this told me that some elements of the puppet master does not function well…….hat they have controlled humanity so long using hidden technology that they simply cannot acclimate to the idea that now we are at the point of equality where one human like myself can conduct polls, crelate websites and educate people on social media. i mamy be one person but I have managed to show israel that one human can and will rewrite history and affect change.

In the past twenty four hours israel has seen a reversal of firtune…..he heaps of shit they through on the Trump campaign have come to roost upon theirs. trump was the under dog yelling corruption…ttheir candidate will not see that kind of public compassion. nit only are we seeing an email scandal but suddenly the polls have closed the gap with only one point…..hat is if you believe Israel’s bullshit.

Last night I lay in bed as the voices did their usual close out for the evening. i tossed and turned millions if times until sleep found me. But before I passed out I thought about numbets……. want all of you to rewind your election tapes and try to remember when you selected your candidate…….ee if the light bulb goes off. 

My polling nnumberso are consistent which tells me that the manner in which we select humans in friendship is determined by attraction not by data provided by anyone. the polls went from a 16 point difference to a 1 point difference. i know that my trust in my candidate was not shaken by the reveal of tapes and all the who responded that lined up for pay day……nd it won’t change now…..ow about you? that tells us that the media needs to face prosecution for fraud against the people and treason against the country in which it broadcasts. that the media failed to regulate itself and it has a political agenda if it’s own . …wwhich becomes it’s own story. the media has been purchased by israel……rael is a fascist country committing genocide all over the world under different guises. they are inside my house broadcasting 24 hours a day and I have fought for my life for 7 yrats……n American soil. i amy Mary Magdalena….tteying sell my name and make money from it but they silence me to be able to market me without my voice.