A Tawdry Second Coming….

WWatch I like about mental illness is that the voices love to talk behind your back when you avoid them. tO’Day has been no different than any other day….ould you believe that the voices of mental illness who are originally from India by the way and a few from Israel…..hey get bored, they farther on occasion and they worry about losing the elction to Trump. aRe you surprised that my voices are voting for the opposition…entail illness is funny like that.

Sonce business has stopped pending fears of Hillary I have been working on my many projects large and small. i was downstairs folding and fluffing minutes ago when they criticized my very existence……ftervall the second coming of the Virginia Mary was supposed to go on a an laid out by Israel.

The bast Ardsley said that my second coming was as tawdry as the election. israel was angry that India opened its large mouth to give me clues. she was supposed to live her life and figure it out…nnot be told who she was. of course I quietly fumed and they verbalize my inner thoughts that’s ifcourse…..ffigure it out while a Jew kills your family, rearrings your life and puts obstacles out there so you cannot survive. 

They felt that Jesus and I were not up to parr…..oming from a fat Jew that is a compliment….orvtwo…..ne for each one of his chins. they wanted to package us like a trip to Disney land complete with bed and breakfast and a costume . 

It appears that my life and my story was promised to a landfill called India. they were supposed to use me to dig up the trurh, dEli very a story on a timeline and then die so my intellectual capabilities could be taken off my website and turned into a money maker. never mind that western society was not birthed near ir on the landfill in question. we don’t speak their language and we don’t subscribe to their brand of bullshit. israel and India built countries in the concept of packaging God like Ikea…..ou buy it….ou take it home and it’s missing a screw. its too much work to take it back so you throw it out.

Yespecially it’s correct that I was busy living my life….aa intended…..ut I too had lots of questions about life and death and a few things imbetween not covered in my manual. when I began my search the fat man and his helpers show up and demand payment…….i am supposed to pay Israel and it’s greasy midgets for handing me back my own intellectual property.

I know everyone on facebook , the FBI and Homeland security is sick of counting how many times I can write the word Jew. BUT trust me when it’s all said and done humanity will get the point. life is not what you are living…..nnone picked Isreal as the people if God…… know because I did not pick them or they would be better dressed. relction has nothing to do with the trurh . ….ts a box of crayons in your favorite color. 

In 7 days the truth will begin to take shape…….t is orange and we call it Trump.




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    (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.

  2. Hraven got so fuck ingredients tired of israel meddling that they even gave success a name so Noone would ever forget.