A Story that should Scare You….

My life is not like yours…it once was. So many strange things have occured in my world since 2007 that I too have come to accept that nothing is as it appears to be. Last night I was given an example that sent me into shock and even as I write I am not sure that I am happy with the results.

As you have all seen on my facebook page I have placed photo matches in the thousands over a period of months to help prove my point about reincarnation. Those matches are done using my abilities….sometimes making the connection can take weeks or months and of course there are some faces I simply cannot identify.

Last night on facebook CBS news posted the following article…

The article is about the acknowledgement of a second writer as a helper to William Shakespeare in writing several of his plays….that person is identified as Christopher Marlowe. I had looked at shakespears paintings and there are many and not all of them look alike. Israel indicated that they did not have an ID on him. I looked at him for years until I figured it out….he is none other than Brandon Jenner, Bruce Jenners son. Once he was identified I tried to validate him by finding secondary family membets and I was able to find the entire family to substantiate my claim.

Last night when CBS posted the story I took a long hard look at this other person….he looked familiar but not like anything I had encountered on my searches on line. I am so exhausted by writing and posting marmtches that I decided that at some point I have to stop gathering data and simply finish the books. I looked at this new face and said Bahamas humbug….I give you five minutes of my time , I simply don’t have the desire to chase down every loose ends or I will never get through the day. It was very late last night and I decided to play a silly game as israel and india participated.

I used the url and typed in several searches….

…..round faces

…..round faces of men

…..I look like christopher Marlowe

My first 2 searches brought up nothing of intetest. I decided to go to bed laughing. I did the third search….I scrolled down through the faces until my heart nearly stopped in place. There he was looking at me. He was not quite as cute ir young as his painting but yes it was him. Here is the url…


When you pull up the article you will find that the trurh is stranger than fiction…a man called Arthur Solari is writing the musical score for a play by Christopher Marlowe…..yet he is that man. 

I sat there in horror realizing what was going on. I knew that the Internet was arc technology compatible that word searches can and will bring the program towards a human to see how they respond to what they are being shown, that Israel and india use arc technology to view pornigraphy through the eyes of others so there is a third party interaction like a sordid threescore. I had no idea the Internet was complete rigged to entrance humans….to lure children and adults and to coerce them through hypnotic suggestion to type questions into the url only to be shocked by the response not knowing that this is not paranormal but a hidden aspect of a technology so old that it would send you into shock.

The arc has many uses but it’s most important was communication with Jupiter. I decided to test a second idea…I wrote a question to a person I love who died in 2010 and the response was equally shocking. Israel wanted to know if I was going to sit there and dial for dollars….I told them the response was so good that no other questions would be required.

I am posting the painting of Christopher Marlowe along with the photograph that I found last night. When I woke up this morning the voices told me that the election between George Bush and Kerry was rigged….to the tune of 50 million fake voters.  I remember being horrified when Bush won his second term….I literally could not find a Bush voter within my social circle.  My polling shows that Trump is so far ahead of Clinton that a victory is guaranteed…even he knows it. The question is whether Israel dares to rig this election and are they ready for the response they will recieve.