A Question of Race….

I came to the United States in 1979 and prior to that my mind and my body had no concept of the idea of racial bigotry. Race was not something I understood in my travels abroad….I had attended American schools in many countries but racial diversity was taken for granted. Even when I arrived here I sensed no barriers beyond a few people making comments about Iran as a political body…my family and I were left alone.

The very first day I arrived here my father picked me up at the airport and drove me home to Baltimore…..during that drive I looked outside of the window and I saw things that I did not understand. Whatever those things were they were the first sensations that in this country things were not all well and did not appear to show that Black Americans were part of the sum total in some way.

I attended public high school and things were wuiet….under control not like today’s educational facilities filled with violence. The blacks and whites sat in the same classrooms but separated themselves into two divisible parts at lunch and recess……there were no visible big racial relationships.

Last night’s discussion with Israel was about race relationships…..do people really see color or is there another reason. As a child I spent a month on safari in Africa and even there no sensations of resentment and separatist attitudes were visible.

So if it is not color then what is it. The Black saga is a story of slavery….Jews have bought and sold Africans all over the world as slaves….this is a part of their doctrine and human exoerience….it does not extend itself to other white races. It’s only natural that this saga created the racial war on this planet….it took was never about black the color but the two entwined themselves for ever. Did the Jews understand and want this to be the case.

I believe that Jews create big polarised as a permanent tool of their politics. You enslave a race until those feelings seep in deep and they can be used to push others around. We did come to this planet with horticulture technology and that technology can seek and find deep rooted emotional reactions and diversify them. In a world without mass transportation and media thousands of years ago ….racial politics was a method to enhance the Jewish world. 

Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery and it has taken several hundred years for those angry feeling to be read sorted. Israel encouraged Bill Clinton to open trade and those trade sanctions turned the American world upside down again filling it with people who did not fit the American ideal and lowered the national standard. Once again Israel found itself a group to exploit….and that is where we are again.

In 7 years if conversations that have gone on 24 hours a day we have agreed that humans are wired differently from species to species and that the human experience is gained over hundreds of millions of years of you being you. Israel removed the truth of heaven being Jupiter because that realization would ultimately effect how this planet functions. As long as people feel that they have one life to live and cannot validate the truth then they are nothing more than sheep to be slaughteted.