A Missle called Satan 2…..


A’s you are reading this you are sitting in the middle if a biblical epic….. a revisit action of events that occured 3 thousand years ago in Galilee. this epic has many old faces and names…..ts about an argument involving technology and superiority……hhowever since then we have amassed considerable firing power.

Our world is going through a drastic shift in power as it tries to disable Israel from using its people and resources. israel has used the umbrella and no..nclature if God and religion to overcome all possible arguments…..f you buy their bullshit then you are in trouble.

SSyria was once a progressive Arab nation with an ideology that leaned more towards communism than democracy. syria has always been a close Allie of Russia……n recent years Israel has used it secondary invasive action…..ISIS to disable Syria…….ssia knows more about Jewish agenda than Americans do, before there was an Israel they resided in Russia and came into conflict and we’re the cause of two world wars. rRussia is sitting quietly and pensive lyrics awaiting the third and final battle against Jews on earth.

AMerida utself is now fearing for its own stability……odays headlines hint at a possible uprising if Democrats take office, and with good reason. dusing the last few months there were concerns that Russia hacked servers that may have held value information regarding the Clinton campaign…..nfact they know more than our Jewish media wants to let on. the Russians are aware of the fact that Israel is funding the Clinton campaign….mmy have helped her destroy emails and is willing to commit fraud to get her into office because they know that without her using funds from the United states may become impossible.

Satan 2 is a reminder to Israel that only a few people including myself know the real meaning of Satan . ….iI is a terminology associated with arc technology…vvice hearing…… supercomputer with spying technology. sally I don’t think the Clinton campaign is in direct knowledge of how they are being used….ttechnology were victims when Bill was in office and Israel is counting on them again.

REdgard less if who wins this election a world War is inevitable and frankly much needed to remove faith from this planet. the whole anet is about to grow up under duress and realize exactly how much they did not know about history and the racial groups that walk on this earth. israel is not what it appears to be……hey are the cause of all the wars on earth.