A Lack of ISIS Melodrama During the Debate Process….

Last night israel turned up the volume of noise so loudly in my house that it roared like thunder……noise that runs through you to the bone. I am aloud to hear them out loud as they sneer at me in a group and say abusive things but others are subjected to this same noise at a subliminal level so it’s registered by the brain and not heard and experienced as sound….it causes arthritis….migraines and palsy.

Everyday there is a schedule of events which starts at dawn and runs until dusk…the voices exercise their options which include yelling and screaming, abuse and violations and charismatic saying which entrance their subjects for hours at a time. This routine puts the human mind through a series of obstacles….belief…disbelief…fear…panic…horror…melidrama until the victim is confused and tired and fails at controlling their life in a desired manner.
Even with anonymity I have come to know all these people just as they have come to know me. I practice my own brand of justice by listeningq, writing, scolding, dissertation and on occasion giving advice to idiots. Israel’s method of mental waterboarding has now backfired on themselves.

All living creatures have a repertoire that is a collection of ideas that make you who you are and you cannot escape from it. Being you means there has to be a blueprint that defines what that you is. Crime detection is all about human profiling……knowing what you are looking for understanding similarities and oddities amongst humans and racial groups.

I have come to know these faceless creatures so well I can even anticipate what the news headlines will say before it happens. Last night I was looking at CNN and I had a sudden flash …..I realized that between now and election day it’s all about a season of casting doubt on the candidates…..so much so that Israel has forgotten all about ISIS….terrorism is Israel sideline venture it is used to scare and push people around. The daily iteniarary seems to be a collection of rules that they pick from  and insert into the headlines. As the west has lost interest in Israel they have turned up the volume hoping to crash the western economies to teach us a lesson.

In ancient times they would kill everyone in rage and anger with pandemics and floods and natural disasters…..population growth and technology means that those methods cannot be used….the arc cannot kill enough people to rid us from Israel and sooner or later the world will figure it out.

The arc is now a calendar of events that kill humanity by devising methods that fit into the natural cycle if life….we have cancer….schizophrenia…osteoporosis..alzheimer….and the list goes on. They laugh that this list has now become our undoing…..we have come to accept the diagnosis that disease and life and suffering are really a part of life. Now terrorism and back failures and firclosures have been added to your list.

I just laugh that when genocide and screaming at people through an advanced technology can be dismissed as an illness then you know that you are in deep shit as a community…but I write my dissertations on my facebook page everyday so that Noone will forget or stop questioning the truth. When I first became a victim I ran in fear….then I cried because everyone shunned me….then I decided to become my own advocate and be that human who exposes Israel for what it is. I post things on my page daily….those things now number in the thousands to show you that heaven is Jupiter and that just as you suspected we have been here before. I want you to know and understand why and what that cycle is…..because we are all victims. But victims can decide not to lie down and die….one human can make a difference… choose to be that one human……that is why you were given immortality so you would never fear standing up to the enemy….Israel took away the truth to reduce us to a brittle ceremony of events  presided over by them.