A Case Against Israel….

Case Against Israel…
The purpose of this book is to show the reader that the world that they see through their eyes and the eyes of the media might only be a small fraction of the truth. That the issues of this planet that have continued to grow at a rapid pace out of control are not part of the ups and downs of an economic cycle we have been led to believe is to be expected. That similarly the issues between races, populations and demographics that have incited religious clashes, wars and refugees are based on our failure to understand the real story of life on earth and how 7 species of humans have different understandings that may never be overcome by education and food supplies. That at the heart of the matter lies another that a group of people have worked hard to cover up for reasons of their own. That they feel that keeping this gap from closing between the races allows them to control is and establish their own power base using technology not known to the public until that technology makes it impossible for is to usurp their authority.
Jews have created formulas and soundbites for humans to view their world. That formula includes keeping us always focused on the present tense, never connecting the dots far back enough to see the total timeline of events. Seeing history in small sound bites removes content, access, credibility, understanding, value and the truth. One can say firmly that Jews do not want us to understand the truth because the truth is a powerful equation that releases humanity from bandage to ideas that don’t work….or only work to fasten certain groups to ideologies that keep them from competing with Jews in areas they want to dominate.
Israel believes that they have damaged society enough over time to make it impossible for anyone to bring charges against them for genocide. They have created the basic components of our world in such a manner that everyone has been taught to disregard certain things. Those who know the truth are now labeled by society as lunatics and outsiders…..that their ideas do not represent the norm…therefore they should be discarded.
The history of Jews on Earth

……. Human slavery past and present

……. The chosen people of god

……. Puritans or seperatists

……. Why is Israel sacrosanct?

……. Human experimentation by the Jews

……..Money as a method of control, labeling

       And destruction
What is a Jew by definition 

…… The people of the Fall

…….A group of people mandated by their 

       Elders to follow a set of rules designed to 

       Make them the top of the food chain. 

……They were told to use a certain machine 

      Until which time they could not. That using 

      This machine as described will ultimately

      Position Jews as the dominant ruling 

      Group. That being the controller factor 

      Guarantees you a future not hindered by 

      Others and a financially rewarding life

      Because you are that element which 

      Controls the purse strings.

……The jewish doctrine says that all humans 

      Cannot live a prosperous life on earth. That

      Allowing them freedom and access to the

      Truth will only give them impetus to one 

      Day overthrow the Jews.
Israel and Palastine

……the world was told that this was about returning an ancient territory to its people….the people  of israel. In reality this was about the unjust removal of Palastine so Israel could take a property they felt would be financially beneficial to their cause and because of its religious significance stop any 

Future attempt by any group to stand in their way. This peice of land was crucial to the architecture of world control as planned by israel.
Israel and the middle east

……unable and unwilling to settle with 

      Palastine. Unwilling to tell the world The 

      Truth about Jewish doctrine, Jewish 

      History and point of origin outside of earth.

      Unwilling to tell the people of the planet 

      Truth about the origin of life….the 

       Existence of life after death…the location

      Of heaven and how Israel removed these

      Vital facts from our view in order to 

      Become the sole conditioner of humans. In

      The course of doing so it failed time and 

      Time again to gain control and exercise the

      Control yet trying to regain their posture

      And momentum by catastrophically  

      Damaging the world to shift the

      Momentum and perspective of people as 

      They regain their foothold and stabilize 

      Themselves yet again. 
Israel and south Africa 

……perhaps the first land occupied by Jews

      And one of three major clusters of Jewish

      Population. Israel does not see itself as a 

      Traditional country but a floating country 

      That changes location and size to fit the 

      Needs of the moment.

Israel inside America

…….hidden political agenda

……The need to align themselves with a 

       Powerful and prosperous country in order

       To camouflage and shield themselves

…… The network of hatred
Israel’s agenda

…… The great pretender…..israel

…… The shakedown of planet earth

…… Living off the pain of others

…….Hunting down people you consider the 

       Enemies of israel

…… Archiving humans for extermination

…… Pushing and pulling humanity

…… Reshaping human demographics

…… Terrorism to undermine society

…… Inciting racial violence

…….creating methods of subjugation and 

       Control, tailored to individual needs of 

       Specific groups in such a way that society 

       Is inverted and fascism and communism

       Is not seen as a one size fits all solution.
Israel’s manufactured image of itself

……The chosen people of God

……A sacrosanct nation

……A western Allie

……A peace keeper between east and west

……An enemy of terrorism

……As the controllers of finance, commerce 

      medicine ……Media and medicine

……Home to the top three religions on earth

……Political agenda and genocide under the

      Umbrella of religious tolerance

…… How to legislate compliance

……Victims of religious intolerance 


…… Think tanks and designer drugs
An ancient technology to implement an agenda

…… How to find something you don’t 


…… A machine that replaces entire armies
A deadly trail left by an ancient machine

…… 75 million dead 1349 in Austri

…… 50 million dead Spanish flu 1914..
Creating compatible technology to dumb down humans

…… Facebook is owned by Israel

       Creating a free social media so they can

       Collect data…..study humans and social

       Groups. Stream words and phrases 

       Submitted without a formal demand so 

       Israel can Forcast the political climate of 

       The future towards them and to see if the 

       World is in any way sensing the reality that

       Big brother does exist and that they are all

       Being monitored by a technology so 

      Advanced that they could not even begin to

      Imagine what it could be and how it could 

      Follow their every move.


……creating the Internet a word search tool 

      Connected to arc technology that locates 

      Humans according to their searches and 

      Interests.  A secret method of recruiting or 

      Removing people from their path in life.
……Creating technologies that connect all 

      Aspects of living and commerce together 

      In such a way that all humans are 

      Accounted for and noone can assume any

      Control or even enter society to manage

      Their lives if opposed by the government. 

      That the government without justification

      And for reasons of its own not delivered to

      The people can damage and destroy 

  1.       Anyone it fears may expose their agenda.