An Eye for an Eye…..

This is one of the least understood biblical statements. It’s not about poking out anyone’s eye but about a holographic eye able to go anywhere and see anything….this was and is one of the arc technology tool components.

Look in your wallet or purse for a one dollar bill or Google the damn thing….what you will see is a pyramid and hovering above it is the famous icon for the eye of hours, or the all seeing eye. Everyone of you have seen this emblem and know that it may have a masonic implication or ancient Egyptian equivalent.

Pyramids were never intended for burial…having lived in Egypt for 4 years and having seen every historical site I know the difference between a burial Chambre and a pyramid. There are 2 types of pyramids in Egypt….the original pyramids and those that were built in the dynasties that followed emulating the others. The original pyramids date back potentially hundreds of thousands of years. Long ago during a commentary with Israel I stated that if you go back 4 to 5 thousand years to the supposed age of pyramids when archeologists claim they were built and at the peak of their popularity and glory as magnificent objects…you should be able to find those pyramids painted on walls of tombs and used as decorative emblems in pharonic art and jewelry but that is not the case. By the time Akhenaton came to power those pyramids had long been a part of Egypt past.