Worthlessness ….and Devaluing Your Word…

After 7 years of arguments between my self and israel and India a large rift has taken place. Those who are hired to instigate use arc technology are taught ways and means to push people around, confront them, belittle them and create a situation where that person begins to fail both mentally and physically….failure then allows the program to take advantage of physical responses that enhance failure and even cause death. The program does cause severe psychosis but words are the tool used by the abusers. They are taught to create a never ending barrage of incessant verbal abuse that Noone can overcome.

In 7 years of spitting at each other 24 hours a day a lot of ground has been covered and I managed to bury them under their own bullshit. During verbal combat my aim was to unveil them for who they are even though I cannot see them. When they take a hit they fail, they psychologically become unable to keep up the pressure and cave in. Anyhow today I posted a blog about violence which was a sermon from Jupiter through arc technology to them and it devastated them. The content of the sermon is not unique in itself and had I delivered the same words 7 years ago it may have not put a dentist in them, but given the sum total of all of our experiences, setbacks and successes it became their epitaph. The point in this is that words have value….and that the value of a word is increased by its messengers credibility, passion, experience and delivery.

The human language is more than just random sounds….sounds express moods…each vowel creates a state of emotional understanding. We add consonants to the vowels to add further meaning or diversify that meaning. Your voice like your fingerprint carries an identification….other aspects of your voice when recorded describe who and what you are. Your voice can tell a listener that you are overweight, it can tell us about your national origin, your sex, your sexual behavior,your educational level and much more. In fact human voices are monitored by the universe…..you are a quantity accounted for. Everything about your physical dezcription to your voice becomes a unique identification. 

Imagine your words as being a large bank account. How you use words effects your life and others. People who verbally assault others and violate others loose credibility….that means that there is a equally negative response to their behavior. As they experience this backlash they suffer the consequences and devalue their own words. Words and the ability to use language is a gift not a requirement….it is a tool intended to enhance your experience. Language and speech is a sound carried and rippled through the universe. Somewhere else far from here the sounds from earth can be gathered and measured like seismic movements to determine the overall health of this planet and where issues may exist. 

Your words are yours….arc technology determines that every human has a unique manner if combining words and ideas….no two are alike. Your words describe you and the events surrounding you and your evaluation of your world. A human who abuses others can.literally be silenced by the universe through algorithms that reduce the effectiveness of their delivery.