The Phone That Noone Could Turn Off…

India view Arc technology as their signature moment of control and power. A machine that allows you to shred the enemy using words, sounds and inflicted emotions….first a desired outcome…this combination is called voice hearing is digital and electronic harassment. 

India uses an aspect of arc technology that is equivalent to hands free communication… can downsize it and can it the phone from hell. India can call you but you cannot stop the call unless you have access to the medium itself…the box. The victim has only one possibility of survival that increases over time and access. When you communicate using the box there is an option for broadcast like any normal broadcast where there is no use of volume, sound effects and physical contact….the other extreme literally allows your brain waves to contact that of the abuser….if I am angry and I scream at you my rage can literally render you unconscious.  India has assaulted the world by using the later method because they derive a sense if satisfaction from human suffering. It’s not enough to scream at someone but to stop their bodily functions by imposing your own.

In their viewpoint this is a scoreboard and this is the ultimate game, a game where you capture your audience by speaking to them and then keep them in captivity like a sparrow in a cage until they go insane. Longterm exposure acclimated the user over very long exposure times to develope another sensory organ to modify and push them aside so it’s no longer life threatening.

Those who hear voices or suffer from schizophrenia are given doses of chemicals that alter their brainwaves to disconnect them or a Livia technology this sadistic  method of torture. Those who take medication rarely escape damage because the abuser can alter the dosage if they want….their lives are in constant upheaval with medication that no longer works. In my case I rode it our Mt over many years until I learned multiple methods of controlling my abusers. It’s not enough to take medication because the technology iris identifies the victim and archives that info for ever. 

Nothing like explaining to India that crank calling humans for torture is not power…it’s a useless person hired for large sums if money from a poor illiterate country to serve the needs of anither…Israel.

Once they locate you the technology through the use of advanced sonar begins to map your surroundings like a building blueprint. Anytime you enter a room and position yourself the idiots locate you and choose which walls they are going to utilize….anywhere from one to multiple walls…using multiple walls and varied volume levels they create a echo Chambre effect to disorientation the victim. When the human body is attacked by sounds and voices you will sit down and focus on the voices. Focusing on the voices creates a physical posture and a lack of head movements and eye movements which increase psychosis and allow for the program to control the victim and their thoughts in dangerous ways.