How to Recognize the Enemy Within…..

​How to Recognize the Enemy Within….
In human history I have played an unusual role. I have been known as a leader of my race, a philosopher, an astronomer and recently as the head of Western religion. These are all accelaids given but what matters most is that the situation is repeating itself and gaining speed.
Israel and india found me in this lifetime and I have spent a horrific 7 years in the middle of something I have tried to extricate myself from. Our world is in turmoil in ways the reader does not understand….165 countries…7 species of humans….growing populations and conflicting ideologies. Humans are not what you think they are….we are different on the outside and equally different in our original wiring which creates the window through which we see the world.
Those races that interacts marry and mingle on earth….whites…asians…blacks….and Jews have a history that began long before we set foot on this planet. Until you realize the trurh about human history and what it takes for two strangers from different racial groups to meet and create bonds you won’t understand just the opposite.
All of you have read my postings for better or for the worst deriving whatever conclusions regarding my rage at Israel and India. This morning has been yet another epic day. Israel has given me a topic to address….when I write thimble words I am using a program from the arc broadcast around me allowing me to use its archives and access Jupiter’s communications….this is exactly what Jesus and the Apostles did in the day. They sat around for hours and talked and wrote and tried to extricate outside meaning infused into the words that may have not originally been theirs. Jupiter is far away and communication was done by way if broadcast algorithms that generated words. These writing were then known as parables.
Israel has long held the belief that it was given the order and ruling by its people in a different star system to make sure that they rule this planet. Their claim according to their written history is that they were here first. India who has had a very long relation ship with a Jews who once lived amongst them has a different idea…..they claim that this was a planet if black races usurped by whites and that they were ultimately pushed aside and ignored. 
Israel once td me that indians were their closest friends because they befriended them upon arrival and they enjoyed each other’s company and friendship. At some point Jews left India but the two nations have shared similar aspirations. 
The world Vision of india is a poor country who makes cheap goods and has been a tourist location for those seeking God and alternative answers to life , death and much more. Indian history and mythology is not an easy read by any means….they have been a world contender at times…..they can be found in history but mostly their history seems to be uniquely theirs. Different racial groups have lived in India at different times but for some reason they have all left and never created a race mixture. Deep inside of their psyche india has a hatred of the white world that none of you get. 
After Jews arrived here it appears that arrivals from Jupiter set foot on this planet creating a stir. The Jews like any first arrivals felt slighted and feared that we would push them aside. The reason for that rivalry is not within my grasp other than its possible to understand its meaning by looking at any human relationship. I have mentioned throughout my writings that those who arrived on earth had technology for space travel and Colonization which later became a source if suffering when humans used it against each other. 
India and Israel formed a relationship perhaps it was friendship , perhaps it was jealousy but soon Jews were turned against all other white races. They toppled every empire using a machine capable of creating pandemics using frequency. Israel has tried for centuries to guarantee itself that helm of control which has not materialized. Not until recently has the world become aware that there maybe other reasons why the middles east lies in shambles and refugees are surging. Noone has devoted enough time to understand all the extenuating circumstances that shape history. Maybe now the connection between terrorism, extreme religion and israel and India will be made. 
When we arrived on this planet we had technology which through war and aggression became the property of others and set us back in time trying to desperately retain our hold not only over territory but our intellectual understanding of who we are. The absence of those machines meant that two countries removed our connection forever with Jupiter. They knew the truth about heaven and they gave us the crumbs.
Not until recently did Israel question it’s motives or political inclinations. When they located me and let India take a peek they did not imagine what would happen next. India wanted to use me as a center peice for ISIS….they told me many times we will drag you out into the street and kill you once you write your books. They really wanted me to write them the story of Jesus and Mary and all that I have discovered over 7 years for 500 dollars. They were promised something by Israel so they could once again secure their place in the world of religious domination. The two countries combined their efforts to redefine religion as a one world order that they would control. India badly needed a dime and israel had used religion to move itself forward in the political and financial worlds.
As the situation fell to pieces in their attempts to yell and scream at me everyday , Israel began to Ogle India and their intentions by monitoring my responses to them. Arc technology can collect and scan words and analyze the inferences as to why someone says something to another. When two humans argue especially as we do without the visual capability what exactly is it that they sense about each other. They slowly realized that India was not their friend and collaborator…..they viewed India as something less than themselves….something to use and control. They never imagined that India had harbored a devastating agenda….an agenda that might be hundreds of thousands of years old…..that using brain wave technology they manipulated Jews to lure and kill other white races.
They realized that 7 years of being inside my house had become a lesson in itself. I had no prior agenda against Jews or Indians but infringing upon my human rights and abusing me resulted in a strange reaction…..a reaction they had seen and been subject too before in other places. The reaction was the same reflex that they recieved in Germany in 1945 the white races turned and ousted them with a fury…..before that tampering in Russia led to an ousting in 1914….and here and now in 2016 with the nomination of Donald Trump it is becoming another takeover with racist overtones. 
Not only was a the subject of an unwanted intrusion into my home and life with a technology I could not remove I also participated in contributing to the understanding of human history and racial proliferation on many levels. The parties from Israel and India who use arc technology have used sensory equipment for so long they don’t realize how it destroys others….and if they did they viewed it as their right….we have a weapon of power…that means that we are powerful and superior. Nature is about superior domination.
When I began to write and post my comments not only on my facebook page but for the FBI….and the Department of Homeland Security ….also on my personal website….they were able to use technology to track how my words were leaking out into the public. At first they thought my blog would stop at a handful….it is now close to 3000 posts….10000 pages. This was never supposed to.leak out….arc technology was to remain a secret forever. If the public could fathom the truth and if national security could make the connection they would realize what this is….an object not of earth that is rapidly being duplicated somewhere in the world probably india for use by israel when and where it can.
Indias behavior and loose tongue has terrified Israel. How do you deny what you have done for centuries….the evidence is so far reaching that everyone who is reading this has been a victim. Fear leads people to realize and make alternative decisions. Israel has to either perish with india when the west discovers the truth or find somewhere within itself the ability to claim responsibility and ask for mercy.
There are things on earth that only first hand experience avails to understanding. My books will give humans a chance to decide for themselves what heaven was and how immortality can be validated. I resent esoteric bullshit and everything I have put together is aimed at a final scientific resolution that can become a public declaration. But there is something scary and horrific that the world needs to understand…..humans are different and sometimes so different that an episode of start rekindle may be required. The people of india are not what you think……they are not genetic humans and their minds don’t work like ours and what they can do with technology is dangerous. Everything happening on earth right now can be traced to India. I have asked Israel to release publicly it’s recording of what has happened in my home…… 60,000 hours…….when you here the first 10 hours you won’t speak for days or go near another indian. You will hear a race of humans that behave in such ways and say things to others in manners that will send you into terminal shock. Do aliens exist? Can a race hide itself so well by emulating others……we know something you dont.