Why Israel plotted to kill Jesus and Mary…

While I sit here everyday imbetween what I need to do and the daily barrage of voices, I take copious notes. I am a virtual prisoner slowly gaining speed on the enemy. There are good days and bad days because voice hearing is all about how israel combines, words, noise and psychological torture to force a human to remove themselves from life. The noise can be so loud that all I can do is sleep to allow my mind to gain some clarity. At night it continues, the goal being sleep deprivation. I have now spent almost 7 years in perpetual conversation around me. The voices can be one or as many as a handful screaming, yelling and saying abusive things. My brain has slowly developed it’s own method for removing them when I am busy. There was a time I could not drive my car down the road and hear the sounds around me. I would take walks around the neighborhood sad and depressed that nothing seemed to exist beyond me and these assholes.

The human mind and body are amazing things designed to keep you alive not only in normal circumstances but they often find ways to reroute signal and sounds and all forms of unwanted contamination. Instead of running to an emergency ward and asking for medication I chose to understand this phenomena…..why does anyone call genocide a mental illness. Why do innocent people get shunned when all a government has to do is pay attention, ask questions, collect data and come to a conclusion. 

Well I have shared with all of you on facebook some of this saga….I have shown you what outsiders have not yet seen. I never thought that a country who gets billions from the United states and proclaims itself the Guardian of religion would actually hold human hostages. Yes israel found Jesus and Mary but said nothing to the world….Iris to us. I found out due to a slip of the tongue and spent years doing research to see how the pieces connected. 

The Holy Land is a place where Israel makes money. It is a place where Israel builds public opinion about itself. It is a place where horrific technology takes every tourist and turns them into a collection box of data for use. It is a place where Israel studies humans like they are hamsters. The Holy Land itself is akin to a hypnotic suggestion. Little do people know that those who you worship actually fled those lands 3 thousand years ago fearing for their lives. Israel is a theme park of psychological selling points, providing a backdrop against which they could realize their dreams by finding ding out how to appease humans using a manufactured peice of literature called the bible.

Many of those who go to the Holy land are then followed back and tampered with using the machine. Keep in mind that Israel hates Jesus and Mary…their racial background and their ideological perspectives….they were and are enemies of israel because they came to a planet that Israel did not want to share. The lands of Israel are a lure to bring forth the enemies of israel…….they are a race of humans who’s manner of creating a country and self image varies from every other nation on earth. A race so specialized that it looks down on all life forms but it’s own. They assess cultures and humans in respect to their usefulness to their financial well being. They devised something called money that could be used as a manner not only of financial gain but a tool of devising a humans worth to the greater cause.the only God they worship is money….money means freedom, wealth, power and control. 

So israel is not about God, religion, peace or humans living together peacefully as a large group. Israel is something horrific that hides a truth based on technology…purely technology. Without this technology they are only a greedy , callous group of humans. Jesus and Mary are here and so are the living members if the 12 apostles. Israel had no intention to tell the truth because it would no longer make a dime….those people would then become the focus of the world…..and their interactions with the world would once again redefine religion

Israel is not what you see and not what you think. They are a sophisticated race of those who have learned how to deflect and reflect what others need to see and understand. Most humans are transparent in their motives….israel is not. They lend lipservice to security and anti terrorism and they are the supplier of the very things they deny. They destroyed Syria by simply sitting there and paying ISIS from India to recruit, train and create a diversion. Israel will go down in human history as a race of diversionary creatures who fleeced the world..