Pandemics and Wars Lead to a Period of Depression and the Rise of a White Nation….

Israel faces a challenge in several locations….in fact it’s greatest challenge is on American soil a place they secretly consider their own. They have tried and tried over time to shift the political balance of this country from becoming a majority rule of white. They have always been a community who’s survival depended on minority races that they could manipulate to meet their needs. Abraham Lincoln was a blow to the morality of jews….he abolished slavery and they in turn killed him. 

In 1914 50 million people died in a pandemic on American shores….exactly half the population perished. 1914 is also a key date to the begining of the first world War which pushed Jews out of Russia. 

The bottom line is they have tried the same methods time and again and I believe that everything has its optimum return on investment. In the past few months they have tried to create racial unrest all over this country but they fail to recognize that African Americans have no desire to enter that zone again….it was in their lifetime that racial unrest took a bad turn. 

We were just looking at the follow up of what has happened on these shores the last time Jews pushed their agenda. Following the pandemic if 1914 America entered the Great Depression out of which rose a strong white nation. John Friday Kennedy was the epic point if that rise where they could sense the begining if yet another potential Empire….they killed the Kennedy brothers. 

Now they are looking at Trump and realizing that he too is from that mold and will yield those results. Every president if the United states has faced assassination attempts that the public has been led to believe are part of being a public persona…..not true.

Final clue for Israel that attempts to mis lead or damage a populace will always lead to the rise of its majority with severity.