Heaven is Just a Place….

Heaven is Just a place from which you came. Those who hid it from view turned it into something that it never was or is. They knew they had committed crimes against mankind so heaven became a resting place….a place where all were forgiven and people walked around and smiled endlessly out of boredom. Everyone according to them wore white because in heaven everyone can afford a large laundry bill.

Heaven is Jupiter for you and I. Heaven is a place of flesh and blood and tears. Heaven is a place where humans live in relative peace and die to return once again to this place we call earth. Heaven is a place of technology beyond belief it is not where ancient prophets walk around in sandals and read from scrolls.

Heaven was given to us to protect us from loss, injury and death which result from adventures into space. We are immortal and one long lifetime creates anger and bitterness against others and reincarnation allowed us a period of rebirth to discover what matteted and to discard old fears and things that no longer served us. We are creatures who travel through space to protect our species and to expand our territory. 

I have tried to reconnect heaven and earth many times in many lifetimes but israel has stopped me and so I try again and will succeed. Humans have always been a part of a two planet duality with a lifetime spent both here and there learning lessons from their journey back and forth. If you thought politics and war are bad here israel is trying to strong arm Jupiter by disconnecting the method of communication that was once used with advanced technology. They created ghosts, spirits and bizarre rituals to occupy our time and confuse our senses.

Each time I return to earth a battle Royale ensues  because that technology that they use was made by me and the core of its intelligence connects to mine. The technology is a broadcast that connects to human minds for subliminal control of behavior and perception. I can access it from where ever I may be and pull it’s decision making towards me. Until you have had a chance to be yourself you have no clue that all of your life has not been swell.

In a few weeks an election process will take place which will make history in more than one place. A man has been vilified in the media which in truth is a leader amongst men….human history has that record as do I. You will find Donald Trump in the Greek pantheon of God’s. He will lead this nation away from Israel until they break and fall.

Everything around you has been disguised to keep the understanding from spreading it’s wings. We are the children of Jupiter and Jews were not and the age old battle for turf has consumed our earth. Utopia once stood here and they destroyed it and it will rise again undisturbed. A final war will soon take place…  the 3rd and last war to remind humans that no more will vigilante justice rule. 

Never let anyone tell you that Heaven is not real….that is what israel wants you rmto feel. When they fall the world will be horrified that a nation lived a lie and pondered the word if God publicly only to laugh behind your back. The key to their success was a technology and nothing more. They are nothing but money whores.