The Idea of a Floating Nation…

Israel made an intetesting point last night and I am trying to preserve it’s meaning. They are the group who has studied others the longest on this planet….they see humans in a very different way than we do. To the average human cultural differences are described in superficial terms….they no the big divide….those things that may never be brought together under one roof. They themselves are part of the less cooperative binding social group. Israel was an outsider and will always be an outsider. They have tried to hide their true nature but rarely succeed in doing it for long.

The western European world for them is an unfeasible alternative. We define ourselves and our acceptable morals in concrete terms. They were talking about nations …as an understanding….what is a nation and whom does it serve and how is it defined. 

America is a very hard and fast idea defined by its constitution and ideals. Right now this country is trying to pull itself out of an 8 year decline that was fed by years of lack of control over spending. We are taking another look at our demographics and realizing that things slipped under the door and illegal aliens and poor immigration control turned a prosperous country into an up and coming third world model.

Israel prefers a different defenition for a nation….I will describe it even though 8 feel that this is not their ideal description but a situation they created that forced them into a repetitive losing streak. Israel defines western ideology as…The World According to Garofalo. They feel that the needs of Jews are best served by a flexible parameter which means our nation serves both our longterm and short term needs. If a situation arises that constructs our ability to function as we want we can disappear and surface elsewhere.

Having one location is too stifling for their needs….they need to be able to reinvent themselves periodically. The current lands of Israel were not sought for their familiarity and connection to their roots….it was a monetary decision because they have always peddled God. Jewish history goes hand in hand with human slavery….they feel the need to exploit someone to build their brand name. Currently they are working in exploiting Indonesia China…..the poverty is extremely enough where it will take a long time to dry up. The jew wants to remind me that it’s not just poverty but gullibility and their dedication to serving others.