Israel Helped Shape Excellence in Others and not in Themselves….a Jewish Quote….

I have been given many reasons by israel as to why this planet has been turned upside down. The truth must exist somewhere in those words. Here is a list.

…that they arrived first on this planet and see it as their territory.

….that they found the new world…America….and we followed them and slowly took its helm.

….that they are unable to compete with other racial groups mainly white races because we seem to be more able to manifest our destiny.

…..that they are a race born to control and rule ithers…living happily amongst others is not in their vicabulary….they have one agenda supremacy.

….I was told that they prefer intellectuals who are driven to succeed…even if that motivation pushes the envelope of decency on all levels….that life and earth were a playground for those who dare to be themselves at all costs.

…..they have also indicated that their public face of sterne so was intended to mislead the world that in reality they are dirty, sleazy people who like a society that writes in a lack of morality and rampant destructive displays of sexuality.

They said that knowing the truth and hiding the truth from humanity in association with reincarnation, ressurection and God has never ended with them.being punished and that is why they rather destroy their enemies that try to understand them….Noone has stopped us and noone will.

Today I have heard lots of confessions regarding what has occured in my home and in general regarding their global outlook. They said that they were convinced that they could shape their destiny and move others out of their way but the final tally seems to show that those others have persevered and even excelled under undo tactics leveraged by Jews.

The history they try to inferences on others as being their lease or deed to these lands does not exist. There may have well been any number if civilizations that occupied parts of this planet and failed for various reasons possibly at their own hands.

The question is whether several hundred thousand years of turmoil and destruction have been worth it. From my point of view we are entering another cycle of eliminations….at this point Noone will be landing on this planet as a new arrival without our notice…..the battle for turf and control will end soon and give birth to something lasting amongst a fewer number if nations than currently exist.