Why Israel Destroys the Lands of Others….

It’s seems redundant to attempt to connect destruction with war because the two are assumed to be the same thing. I don’t know if you have seen recent videos of Syria but even I was speechless at the amount of destruction…there was nothing left that resembled a city…it looked like a moons cape. 

Israel studies everything that moves with a super computer. They have devised catagories for things you cannot think of. They study the interaction between two opposing ideas….that in fact describes the state of Israel….a country of Dualit it’s that has maintained a position of falsehood.

Israel practices it’s own special brand of cruelty which means that even its neighbors are subject to being uprooted on the spot. I have seen videos of israel bulldozing homes and throwing out people with no advance notice or concern. It’s not enough to remove you but we will bulldoze the few things you own in this world so you can feel the loss of dignity beyond death.

Soon and shortly the world will learn a story or two they did not know before about their planet and the arrival and bitter contention of colonists on this planet. The world has moved on in most respects but for two countries who have held unto an inner rage and agenda plotting and damaging the world periodically to attain an agenda that I doubt either fully understand.

The following paragraph is really a collection of words and ideas that describe their understanding of how to move the enemy away from a desired territory. The magnitude and the severity of destruction in a given zone deters the return of those who lived there hoping to take up roots yet again. Israel is bust my building arguments to increase its dimensions. The world is continually drawn into conflict on behalf of israel in the hopes that we can help cultivate this new Israel. Arc technology has allowed them to follow, stalk, listen to and intetact with anyone they viewed as being beneficial to collection of data. Their methods of meeting their goals defy all human rights violations standards around the world. A technology Noone knows or understands which knows no limitations. In other words Israel is the designer of death to meet its ends.