When Lies Unravel….

Does a lie have a shelf lufe…..apparently it does. Even though israel and india had been bedfellows in the criminal world and the world of pandering god they set each other up for the show of the century. 

The big item of the day , the topic of conversation every day for seven years was my extraordinary experiences several years ago under severe psychosis. Israel and india were partners in a study which involved me and members of my family. They are both well versed in using technology, human psychology and hypnosis to deliver human experiences that people believe are spiritual and godly in nature. Since Noone has met god they have the patent in the required bullshit to deliver memorable performances. These performances require an ingredient called psychosis…….psychosis is when electricity is introduced to the brain in such a way as to overload it’s capacity and cause confusion and the inability to determine the truth in the moment when something occurs.

Psychosis creates a warm fuzzy zone where others can insert ideas, voices and manipulation which under any other circumstance would glare at you. Both india and israel knew how and where to create that feeling….at night time people get tired and they naturally enter a similar zone called REM…..during grief and stress and mourning people enter a zone where they want and desire experiences to validate god so they don’t lose their loved ones to nothingness. 

Israel and india killed my lover and created the opportunity to show off their abilities to set the stage for waking up Mary Magdalena into a money maker. Israel set up india by giving a flawless performance and then left india to bang their head doing their daily routine that they do for a rule on a street corner in India. And then they sat back to see how I would evaluate the theatrics….would I add my own value by creating lies around their lies…would I be fooled and accept the lies….would I reshape it to my configuration and comfort zone, or would I attempt to validate it.

For seven years I dismantled their bullshit and oddly enough found a source of validation that has nothing to do with either India or Israel. A source if validation that science can and will corroborate in time.

One of the factors that was most influential in pulling the lie appart is how I was treated. So israel finds Jesus and Mary destroys their lives…kills their family members to see which one can be of use to them. They then give her a production of a lifetime but keep her as a prisoner inside her world using language so vile and abusive and psychosis to bring her to her knees and close to death. 

So I spoke to heaven I asked myself and israel calls me a whore daily….they even kept a count of how many times they verbally abused me …19 million they said. My job was to deliver the goods…write the books as they wanted them written. They lost….I was willing to die to protect the truth at all costs. Even if I could not pass it on to anyone I knew that sooner or later the farce called Israel would bite the dust.