The writer that India and Israel did not want…

It’s always intetesting to sit and listen to people talking about you behind your back in hearing distance. While I was busy going about my life as a human of no consequence I was the subject of great intetest by israel. I was a girl who would one day grow up to be …that woman…somebody who had been someone, somewhere in history and not with consequences that Jews were happy with. They had an idea of some of my capabilities based on what they could ascertain and the super computer made its own assertions of where it might all lead. In simple English would this version ultimately match that version and if so how closely.

They apparently made some early answers as to how my presence could become a money maker for them. Religion has a life span, as it’s created it’s a fictional account of heaven that never delivers the goods. They knew that keeping religion alive offered benefits it’s demise did not……it was a control mechanism of populations and of course it made money. 

Like all religions with God’s and die ties the story of the return to earth is always an awaited event….will they return…how will they return and will that set things straight. So here is Mary Magdalena growing up in the United States…..there is reason to believe that a country was over thrown to bring me and my family here.  We were the leading figures and family members of a religion important to western society and it appears that they too saw the need to bring us in this direction for us to be of use to them.

According to their own words they were not sure they could manipulate me into a position of financial use because they felt that my divorce and my job history failed to excite them. In 2008 when the United States went through an economic downturn I lost my job and to save myself I learned some new skills becoming a massage therapist. Israel decided to use me by listening to me and recording me and entering my thoughts, ideas and words into their super computer to see how my words influenced their for casting of world events and future growth.