The Tool That Tells it’s Own Tale….

This is not the first blog I have written about the arc of the covenant and it may not be the last…however it’s my attempt to share with the reader the nature and the description of a peice of technology that effects their lives and the course of events on this planet. Those who own the machine are amused and bemused to see if I am capable of describing something so scientifically advanced that I can stop israel from committing a crime that has gone undetected for centuries.

Arc technology proceeds all technology on earth….it is the grandfather of all computer systems and even today with advancement in the field it is still the superior sample. The likelihood that we will be able to create such systems in our lifetime is not likely. These systems were built for space travel and those who have them have no intention of going public with them….the moment the machine goes public the world will figure out by working through a process that this machine was used to top ell and disable humanity.