Conversations in a Shower……

Last night was a rough evening they turned on the volume and talked as a group all around me making sleep without music an impossibility. What broadcast music does is interpreted with theirs…it reduces the volume and makes the voices sound like distant specs. 

I woke up to terrible waves coming towards me as a lay in bed. Waves of hatred aimed at my head. It took several hours to summon the energy to rise and get on with my day. The conversations never stop not in the bathroom or under the shower. I find myself sitting in the floor of the showers tall pushing myself in the corner to get away from them. You shower to remove the daily build up but showering with Jews and indians in turn showering you with their filth ruins the desired effect.

Israel hired india as my permanent guardians. Their job was to use their machine to observe me any way they wanted. They were told never to make themselves known. India chose not to follow that direction and their self interest eventually disobedience a nation of falsehoods and genocide. For several years the Jews wanted India to find a way of damage control….all I heard every day several times a day was …Fix it. I was never sure what fix it meant but I had a clue. 

Israel could not afford to punish or kill the offenders because they are self proclaimed indian Jews….and Jews have a doctrine that they will never touch their own…..probably to preserve their numbers because they are a small minority on earth inspite of their criminal nature that extends outwatds.

They tried every manner of mentally rubbing me with snake oil to convince me otherwise. They live to speak to me in pretentious Itty bitty voices as though I am a three year old a pedophile wants to seduce….something they do all over the world where poverty exists.

Today’s topic of enumeration was a discussion their Indian bedbugs had instilled in me long ago. This was a conversation repeated so many times I knew parts of it held some value. Jews or the original Jews as they like to call themselves….a small cabal of biblical characters that do not want to loose the aroma of the Judea desert. 

The original Jews are very symbolic people…..that symbolism has developed over time because they live and breath in arc technology. The arc can be called a statistical tool that squeezes humanity to derive a concentrate, that essence is a pure extract of mathematics and things derived from interlocking systems that become symbolism. A symbol being something easily recognized that facilitates a larger unit or dezcription.

Somewhere in Maryland… a place called Germantown the Jews have a hidden office space. From the outside it appears as a series of warehouses and it adjoins a retail facility. In this warehouse is stored a biblical peice of technology….I don’t know if it’s the original arc of the covenant but rumour has that it is. 

They chose this place because of its name….studies have shown israel that people are drawn to words that familiar them with things that are known to them. The Jews have a hatred if Germans even though prior to the second world War they occupied those lands next to and with people of Germanic decent…the Vikings.  So a weapon of mass destruction that can send out a wave….a wave that they said will feel like the heat of the Pyroplastic flow . They have aimed arc tools at me all day long for several years so I know the terror first hand of experiencing something aimed at you that Noone else can feel. The arc can wipe out a several mile area or it can identify an organism through iris identification and size it’s devastation only for that jurisdiction….one human body.

Israel sat here for seven years and pretended everyday that it would save me from india….I eventually figured out that Noone was ever going to help me other than myself. Today they made a comment about killing me slowly in my flesh so india could learn what it’s like to be punished.