When the Mess is Too Big to Clean Up…..

Israel knew who Jesus and Mary were from birth……they knew up all the previous encounters c with these two and their extended social unit over many lifetimes. They did not want to cause or be a part of any interaction which might lead to a cataclysmic situation. They were obviously curious and wanted a peek into our lives. I was even td that they were bemused with our lack of social standing in this lifetime….for the most part we were regular people leading lives of little political intetest and intrigue.  Their initial excursion was simply tailing us….recording our lives without our knowledge and tampering with our families when and where possible. Then israel joined forces with India in a supposed experiment to find God. India told them that finding god required creating a ruckus to see if God could be awakened. That really meant that if these two are associated with anything larger and grander than simply being somewhere at the right time we will see if the creator comes to their rescue. I became a 7 year victim of abuse so bad by voice hearing that I will leave the details for the book. 

The lessons india and israel learned from their outing was that a super computer did not for casting the events if the past 7 years even remotely in the ball park. At some point India assured Israel that I would not survive the ordeal and that material accumulated by them and by myself would be turned into a book after my death. This book was to pave the way for a new type of religion on earth…replacing gods with paranormal activity and communication with dead lived ones as a preoccupation….they had several business models for what this would entail….all of which was to roll money into their coffers. Humans fear death…humans want answers to their fears and are willing to pay money for it. 

They had gone to India to watch what we call seers or gurus ply their trade. India has done this for centuries….the collection of alms based on information from heaven….except Noone understands how this information can be collected using arc technology. The digital age is perfect for this kind of heist……all ND the ability to eve’s drop using gps guided recording can put ears in any wall. Listening devices and subliminal hypnosis can pull information and devise a method of its return to you in a manner where it appears new. You don’t know that a human voice recording even after your death can be paired with simulated speech patterns to form a conversation that sounds just like your dead mother but never was. 

When I lost my parents and Gary and my world crashed they decided to use me as an experiment to see if I could tell the difference between the trurh and a lie. They created a situation and then abused me violently for 7 years to see if my validation would crumble. They believed that the truth saves lives…..and even u Der attack and often fighting for my life my validation did not crumble….they threw lots of stuff at me but mist of it crashed other than one episode which I believed was perhaps not their doing.

This episode became a bone of contention between Israel and india. Israel wanted india to duplicate the event to prove that heaven did not have a jurisdiction….the machines they used are the original machines brought to earth from Jupiter and used for communication. My validation did not break but I also spent years using archeology and history to reassemble what I believe is going to be a fabulous display for humans to see reincarnation in action. 

They even considered turning me into a psychic to amaze the world by feeding garbage through me to be handed to innocent people. Mary Magdalena in the flesh bringing messages for cash donations….they learned quickly that neither intetested me and my desire to share the truth soon superceded theirs. At first they thought that my anger was simply being exercised and that soon I would give up and move along. The anger became an extensive website if 9000 pages and displays of archeology Noone had understood in context before. Soon I had made contacts within my own client base that happened to be high ranking government workers and those with influence. Israel soon realized that I had covered my bases so well on facebook and other media that my sudden death would raise questions. Bullets in my car and my ex husband’s car…daily phonecall from Indian men that have become thousands….all have left a trail that someone can trace. 

They threatened  to kill me and my son…hoping that I would shut up but after losing 7 years of my life and family members I have no desire to stop….the truth exists and it will be given and the public will decide how to proceed with israel. It’s hard to believe that governments and those associated with them would reduce themselves to this kind of behavior….that one country could pander to religion and laugh behind closed doors by hiding people hostage that are known personalities associated with events that others call religion….yes we are here…..yes israel has known from the start and yes even israel has learned lessons about what God was and is and why we are here. They included me in an experiment never intending to tell the world the trurh or letting me live to participate with its disclosure. What we learned was to be used against their enemies which includes all white races other than themselves.

Anyhow the situation has now gone bad between India and Israel over how all of this was handled. Over the planning, the execution, the details and the for casting if possibilities during the period of awning and execution. Today I have sat here and listened to conversations from thugs. They are hoping my books will hit a deaf ears because my Facebook friends have withdrawn in silence reading the posts   they are trying to determine what the fall out will be from a single woman and her revelations and scientific presentation. Will it lead to conspiracy theories or will someone react in her lifetime. They even glinted that the moment the books hit the shelf people will flick to my door and more than likely I will become the victim of a crime. 

Endless comments have been made that I will never represent the ideal personification of what others want Virginia Mary to be as stupid as all of it may be. They have discussed how they will flood the media with stories of my being a prostitute or woman of low morals because I am a massage therapist. Today they even threatened to send a thug to my house with a wire cutter so I would die a brutal and tawdry death pushing aside any notion that I might hold the truth.

Here the deal….I believe firmly that the trurh speaks for itself and does not require a fast application of material to wash it down. There are 11 books…9000 pages…..3000 visuals and a list of things that science can do using my material to seek conclusive answers through genetic tests. The list for genetic testing for proof of this material is ling…but it requires only one positive match to show the world that the trurh is real.

I am going to leave one viable clue for atleast one match. We know that a Tutankhamun is a man alive today…54 years of age….in McLaren Virginia.  He is the son if a deposed King and part if a reaccuring line if rulers on earth. His name is,Reza Pahlavi…..his mother is Farrah Pahlavi…..she is Nefertiti. I have done a better job collecting data than the Egyptian antiquities department. King tutorial had several siblings his father was married 3 times……humans don’t mate randomly….none if us do and none of us have……Richard Lynch on this page has been given a few things himself to think about. I can trace my life in earth 40 times….family is family….husband is husband….etc.

Israel is terrified that their connections to religion as they are will not allow them to escape this fiasco. They know that they hd secret technology because I use it every day and have the ability to describe what it is and what it does and how millions are victims on American soil everyday and don’t know what is happening to them. 

Everyone want answers…many people have a strict diet of religion….and noone believes that it’s OK to scream at a woman in her house 24 hours a day using a machine with unusual attributes which turns human hearing into an ingenious experience by imprinting sound rather than making it a noise external as you all know it. Science is far more advanced than any if you imagine  and noone will be pleased when they understand how a developing earth provided the circumstances for Judea now known as Israel to reshape history completely….it was not just a few lies….none if us originated here….Jupiter holds life.