Organized crime…..

Can you imagine a nation that is really a crime organization. Two nations in the world sell God and religion yet they grow, cultivate and distribute heroin and their entire time is spent trying to figure out how to make a fast buck. According to israel the age of technology has hampered their ability to whip the arc technology and destroy billions….they have been reduced to a sloppy organization having to hire even more sloppy people from india to individuals hunt down and aggravate people they don’t like. 

Apparently they have a monthly pot luck dinner where they spin the bottle to pick their next victim and that’s how I got chosen.  All humor aside , when you are a sleazy human and you farm out your criminal outsource jobs to India or some other luce ridden nation…Uta best to teach them how to keep their mouths shut.

When Israel met India and they were not wearing their bifocals….and live was in the air….one douchebag met another and a glimmer if recognition lit up their faces….UT was really some greasy food from lunch but india thought it was the radiance of God. Israel was busy printing fake money in South Africa….shipping it to Sweden and then to the United states. They created some fake passports and brought indians to America to assist them with a top secret project…genocide using arc technology. Apparently they allowed their stool pigeons to print out business cards….Hut man for Israel. Well these idiots decided they could do what israel does better than a sloppy jew….and now I have to.listen to screams broadcast inside my house. 

Half of America is on medication served by he wish pharmaceutical companies. They create they illness….you buy the medication…in Hebrew it’s called good business. I don’t know if you know it yet and I know you dont….that’s you the reader. The world has an u Der belly so horrific that even I sit here and ask myself how these things can happen and exist. So pull up your big boy pants….a race war is about to take place. This planet will be taken by those who can …and that’s us…..because things cannot and will not continue this way. Life was intended for living. Sunshine was to be enjoyed. Children were supposed to grow up in a manner conducive to becoming functioning adults. Live is that which sustains life……Israel is not