A Truly Epic Day….

Just by pure chance I located Mallorie Lanoue by looking and searching through posts. It appears that she is already remarried to someone called Chad Cross. I could not help myself because this was the perfect opportunity to see if that newly discovered rule if mating and marriage held true.

Elizabeth Ist was known for her great live if Robert Dudley and I was dying to see if she found her man. The answer is yes that her 2nd marriage is indeed to the man history once knew as a Robert Dudley. This provided a number of great photo matches and I am glad and relieved that she too is happy and prospering.  It appears that like her brother Tom , Chad is employed at the same shipyards…..I am always amazed how humans gather together and find each other. I am curious what that guiding principles is that allows us to find each other within miles.

So now we have several exams to show the world that every woman has several choices if which one is the main focus and others are surrogates. In this life I have been lucky to meet all of mine and communicate with them. 

I was looking at Gary’s eldest son….he does not resemble his father as much as he does his mother. Out of curiosity I checked historical data and Anne Bean too has her familiar circle and one if them bares a close resemblance to Tom. I have no clue how close we will come in this lifetime to baring all the truth but I face my own curious issues. Iverson father is a distant person to him in life and I wonder if surrogates fail to bond with their secondary children.

So a woman who has mated and produced children by a man carries the written genetic code within her and mating with the surrogate only activates that codes never replacing it. Science will have a huge learning curve to bear on top of all the issues that religion has placed on human behavior. Abortion may become totally outlawed once people understand that children are a known quantity.

To the first immersed reading this posting, humans do not mate randonmly…studies of reincarnation show us that family units don’t fluctuate…humans who exist…have existed and will continue to exist. Obviously life creates hurdles which means that for reasons that are unfortunate humans might not be able to meet and the creator provided a chain of command that is a standby incase such an event occurs. We know that several men are in the periphery  of every woman who is child vearing…..what I have not located yet is if females fill in gaps for others….I am a summing that this too must be possible because the whole purpose is to protect the entire social organization. Humans are a complicated hive system all their own.

It’s very possible that India chooses women from the white world and kills all of their perspective mates thinking that we are some type of farm animals they can mate with.  Every man that came near me in life suffered and got pushed away or hunted down. I have no clue what their hive system maybe but we can see from what the media has captured that their family units , women and children are brutally treated, raped, killed and thrown away. They have no moral principles or guidelines or values in rather siciety.Why they have chosen us I don’t understand. It appears that India has lured various groups amidst them over time and all have left or fled.

On some level they sense a deficiency amongst them and they are trying to fill that gap. Their culture all in all has hit Rock bottom so this is not a hunting party…….something is wrong with India. They search seems to have a precedence or preference for certain types that they feel fit closer within indian society such as greek,vroman and Jew. 

As we listen to the screams outside the window coming through the machine we realize that there are certain elements within our own society that have been in a decline or rising at an alarming rate that may be related to our contact with India. India is a society where sexuality has a different understanding. They have used technology to create and enhance their sexual behavior with terrible results that have far reaching implications. They may have destroyed values within their genetic code by this strange mental dellusion brought about by frequency.

I am sitting here thinking about why the creator if humans would want to have a value for homosexuality. Unlike insect hives where worker ants perform tasks in our world women tend to children. Nowhere in the west do we see male eunuchs used at large. We see that in Asia more so in past history. Homosexuality does not have a constant occuring rate but is on the rise. The question now is Wethersfield our males are at risk because of indias broadcast….are they trying to degrade us generation by generation to use females to mate with.

For most of us politics and war are more about borders and resources and not about mating rights. Noone could be more horrified than myself to wake up in the middle of a modern scourge with implications we don’t want to understand. The sexual abuse I have endured for seven years listening to this garbage day and night will one day be visited upon India. The west compartmentalized it’s activities so they don’t affect each other unduly….education helps us see our selves in very different ways….a lack of educations creates a complicated situation the west does not understand….for certain nations all human functions weigh equally at the same time.