On occasion a topic is thrown in that makes you think about the small details that describe human differences. Rooftops was a topic introduced by israel but one that I had ruminate about long ago. There are many ways of validating the truth…..everyone is looking for the big guns…the obvious things that will scream out at you that heaven exists…that this planet was not once a monkey cage that opened its doors to advancement of a primate species..

Rooftops tops come in all shapes and designs….what came first the roof or the weather defined by the shape. Think about the graceful roofs of asia….the flat roofs of arabia…..and the terracotta tiles of Italy.  One cannot say that weather defined any if them but more than likely they were in the memory of those who came here long ago . 

Will you be surprised oneday on Jupiter to find similar architecture to all that we have come to know on earth….that we brought with us many things and others are part if a collect memory  that reach far further in time. So really the point is look around you at all of the fine details…..don’t take any for granted….they all mean something in their own way….can you unlock that book. 

Heaven and God are all around you …none are meaningless ideas wrapped in pretty paper….they are structure, they are absolutes, they are building blocks. Noone can erase the truth even if they wanted to. One of the experiments when all of this melodrama began yeats ago was learning to sit down with pen and paper to see if I could write about heaven….I didn’t understand what israel was looking for…..but over several years it took shape. If there is a heaven…if there is a god….off you have been there you will literally pull it out of yourself. Give it a try.