Last night we were up until 4am discussing philosophical understand of global politics as induced by human differential. It was one of the better discussions between 3 mortal enemies.

As three specimens of 3 racial groups we have each brought our ideas, differences and joint perspectives to hands free communication using the arc. The communications on their part is always aided by an overlapping setting which induces a general feeling over the preceeding gatherings. That setting just like a dial can be turned to inject mirth, speach patterns and any number of desired effects like photo shop for your messenger. The setting forces everyone to talk in a certain gait….it helps to be friends when doing this because forcing the issue does not always yield the desired effect….it much like adding a laugh track that comes out if your mouth rather than surrounding a television show…in fact laugh tracks emerged from arc technology as a way to bring audience and views to an exhilaration finish or finale.

We have come to understand that human brain waves have a signature that is distinct much like a shape, a size or a taste.  Western cultures have their type of Brian wave and manage that generated energy in their own way. We are all familiar with the comment of ……personal space……UT means that each one if us have an area of comfort surrounding us that we don’t like to be encroached upon. Those who may touch and get physically  close to you have a special understanding with you that others don’t. You might say that personal space as we understand it extends three feet around you in every direction….your body emits a voltage and your body has a temperature setting. When we get outrage we are actually extending ourselves many feet as a way to warn others and even effect the personal space if those offending us which in turn changes their body settings and reactiins.

We agreed that different races have different outputs and that out put might be measured as a ratio. An average person utilizes this method without using a beaker or a cup or maps,vcharts and graphs. We scan our world every few seconds and this is more true when we are not under roof. You might leave a lication because you sense discomfort from certain people and or groups…you are realizing that you are a quantity of one and that you are out numbered in a negative way. Humans a certain this through racial bias….what they don’t understand deep is that racial bias has nothing to do with color and that color is a secondary issue…..we have all learned over time that we do better or worse around certain people…groups and gatherings. Yes race does exist but it’s really the under pinning if race which is cultural wiring that is induced not just over one lifetime and therefore not easily reshaped in a short time without repetition to imbed the desired change…

Since human genetic identity cannot be changed and is slightly better managed when different members if differing racial groups have grown up and been raised in the same system. So the naked eye and even the census department have not come to the point of seeing how humans disperse and occupy geographically in clumps based on ration inflicted by brain wave tolerance. 

The fast track way of this is how many times has an office of happy coworkers been damaged by the introduction of one single person editing a brain wave signal that has a larger than average circumference.  That is that one creature who comes to work each day and turns a happy office into a dysfunction space by needing to share things and moods that hurt others and keep them from focusing.

One of the 3 mortal enemies mentioned above is from India and I have come to know indian behavior upclose and personal during 24 hour a day relentless verbal conflict. We took this model and looked at india as a nation…their economic cindition…their relationship with their neighbors and how they meld with others in western nations and a nightmare was formed. We also recognized that in ancient times Rome built a wall ….Persia but a wall and China built the biggest wall if all….it’s clear who and what they were trying to detain. 

Now we are looking at current history and truly we are a hop and a skip and a shirtless away from a past predicament.