Israel….the Middle East and India….

There are political and religious ripples happening all over the globe and Israel and India are 2 Hotspot spewing lava eternally at their neighbors. 

It’s obvious that Israel had some internal ideas about how to solve their problems in the middle east and somewhere those plans went poorly and they assumed that with western might they could remove u western doctrine by digging a large trench and then asphalt paving it to suit them. That redecorating idea emptied the pockets and economic future if the west….Noone is sure that anything was gained and the losses have created a permanent vacuum if leadership because western forces are not equips to handle longterm occupation….that’s not their job nor their desire.

The iraq…Afghanistan , Syria event has permanently dampened the mood between Israel and the west which hands them their allowance to the tune of billions. Israel is once again under pressure from American allies to resolve it’s issues by itself without dragging other into the mix. It does not seem to be working and frankly they have made it clear that they will not conceded because Jewish doctrine demands that they be the ruling force.

Noone other than a handful are aware that there are extenuating circumstances into these events and these allegations also have a historical basis going back thousands of years involving Jewish relationships with India…India has a small Jewish minority inspite of the fact that the bigger community has long moved on for various reasons.

Israel’s relationship with india is a complicated mess….they are two similar yet discuss similar countries fast growing appart on issues and technologies that will send waves into the world very soon on many different levels. They hold a secret about human history on this planet that at this venture reads more like science fiction than a reality most people can absorb.

They are both owners of non terrestrial technology that they use to their advantage and our discussion advantage. This technology brought them together and kept them together longer than necessary. As we moved into the age of media and technology india became dangerous because israel knew that at some point they would deviate from the plan and implicate them in genocide. They are already in hot water for genocide in our lifetime Noone knows or understands how this technology has greater implications. They had assumed that their relationship with india was a friendly one….they helped use arc technology to influence the west in out sourcing jobs to help.India along in return indias stability and prosperity was to help control  their need to use their technology in dangerous ways. This became a toxic relationship.

Noone understanding better than those of us who use this technology How human interface wiring….how you perceive and see things influence the final out put when you live your life using a mind altering and enhancing technology. 

A select group of people in Israel have had the right and privilege to be the sole users if a secret machine. There are no checks and balances….over time the use itself became a power within itself….I have something therefore I shall use it with disregard to anyone’s opinion. India is a unique species and psychology and science show us that they communicate and use their brains in a vastly different manner, that difference is so amplified using mind enhancing technology that they were able to mislead their western counterparts.

On 1979 events in the middle east led to a revolution and an overthrow of the Iranian government. At the time this appeared like an isolated event…within the Iranian community the belief was held that the west orchestrated this fall to enrich itself with petroleum products. In 1954 my grandfather was shot and killed in Iran because he felt that running a government should be separate from religious beliefs. A country with a western tilt in ideology with a layer of poverty that seemed to come from nations across its eastern borders fell rapidly and noone seemed to see it coming.

Since those events 30 something years ago a whole series of events have similarly done the same to other nations and now we are seeing perhaps the emergence of something that facilitated these actions. ISIS is run by India a little understood country most people equate with poverty rather than underhanded tactics. None knew that India is a country where religion has always come first and it too has a it’s share of problems between its factions. 

India it seems had used its friendship with israel to convince them to plow through the middle east to become it’s sole proprietor.  Israel had no idea they had plans if their own to surge westwards into the area once it was destabilize. India has spent decades using others to create a moment I’m for its ever expanding needs and population….they are not a nation of builders and care takers and you can see the horror by googling india….their methodology is more like a plague if locusts where things are eaten and destroyed as they move across the terrain. They once said to me that in the United states there are system and social services to care for the homeless, the needy and the hungry….in I dia there is no such thing….people sift and search for a morsel of food where and how they can find it.

We have sat here for 6 years and discussed the future possibilities of the nation’s of this planet and why and how demographics and nations are formed. Is it possible to rehabilitate everyone to create a flow that keeps the planet from caving in from side to side periodically based on sudden shifts caused by permanent poverty, political instability  and the occasional act of God.  The conclusion is that India cannot be contained and is a danger to the world growing at a pace that last night’s news brought home.