More comments by the Jew….

Every once in a while the jew takes the microphone and based upon his voice is a troubling fat, loose tongues creature. He sits there amongst a group of Jews and indians is a gathering so vile where you imagine a dark wood paneled basement with no light and cigarette smoke. It’s a place where things that think they are men gather to boast about their crimes….and these crimes are substantial.

Today’s admission was that he has molested 12 children….he said that they have pursued him for justice at various times. Over 7 years they have shown me and said things to me that even my fingers refuse to type on social media. All you need to do is Google Jews and look at their pictures in Israel. There was an article I kept for my website a few months ago about a rabbi that used his teeth to do circumcision and passed on venereal disease to newborn babies. So somewhere in Jerusalem there is a group who call themselves the original Jews and they practice an ancient doctrine that they are exempt from the law.  I cannot remember how many times I have been told that on these lands a Jew can do as he pleases.