Yesterday…today…and tomorrow….

Facebook was intended as a community of people who exchange ideas and have a few discussions well before it became home to dog videos and food out takes. In the past few months I have posted material from my personal blog to spice things up. The soliloquies are none fiction and about a real situation that affects us all. No sooner than I began to post written material everyone zipped up and even my dog pictures got ignored. Anyhow I know that your not all dead because I atleast can access heaven and find out.  I became the unwitting victim of two nations and found myself indulging in some human observation on facebook.

Israel put me on a 24 hour speaker phone for almost 7 years. They wanted an upclose and personal encounter with a diety….that’s me. I decided that I did not want to be left out so I shopped for hand guns and decided to create a website that has now become the longest dissertation on earth about all matters Jewish, Indian and information about heaven.

We have talked into the night, had screaming matches and I have written and written as a way to understand my own dilemma. We have turned the world on its axis in order to understand the future of humanity on this planet at this time. My mind and body have been connected to a machine that was once created by me and contains a synthetic mind. This machine has archived human behavior and events large and small to form a perspective. Like mission impossible this archive allows you to entire a human experience that is not yours to see it from all angles. The data forms a multi level collage that can be assembled according to what you desire to understand. 

The tool of understanding like a magnifying glass can be adjusted to provide a close up that breaks things down to atomic matter or as far away as you please. Right now as I am writing about a topic that I have in mind the machine is feeding my mind with words, ideas and even a rhythm and format. The machine has archived my verbal communications, preferences, things that I have read, enjoyed and written in volumes. All of this data is thrown together to create a blend that is mine. As I wrote down my thoughts…subliminally the machine is providing choice selections and my mind can either sense them and prefer them or simply move on to a current selection of words. Occasionally they have used writing patterns from well known authors and my writings have altered either slightly or more pronounced lyrics to reflect those choices. The selection process can be aggressive or pleasant. When the selection process is aggressive I can sense the words before I write them and I try to bypass them…my brain can see the word just like yours can see a plate in front of you. When I get angry at Israel they try to feed me words that will accelerate the pleasure centers in my brain just like chocolate. I am a writer…I like to work with ideas and they want to tease me….to be their buddy. 

Anyhow arc technology is a supercomputer that won’t be in your home anytime soon. I am sitting inside a machine no matter where I am….and I can pull material from space as it were by simply creating a bond with the machine….the machine can sense a human and give that human assistance emotionally or in any way you can imagine. My life, my work and my words have been collected through time and in different lifetimes….and I can access them as ideas. Some of you are also subject to this…..israel has tracked you and found you to be of interest and your life and words have been similarly collected. 

The real topic away from the scenic route is how far have we come on this planet as a collective group. Studies indicate that growth and technology have a direction of their own but the real problems still remain what they were and are. Today they was a pipe bomb blast in new Jersey and another bigger explosion in Manhattan all in one day in two adjacent major cities in America. When something really bad happens in a place that upholds justice then you know that we are in trouble.

I was thinking today about the word history….yes the word itself. Turn on the history channel or a history book. History is defined by war and conflict. What you find in any history book is a time line of events and they are all marked by warfare. What does this say about us. History simply means events through time. Imagine if your family album was filled with pictures of you and your siblings and extended family bloodied and damaged on a family gathering.

I found an interactive map online years ago that allowed for you to see wars and conflict through human history in a 3 minute presentation. When we came to 2015 the map lit up like a birthday cake….so time has not tempered mankind and it’s hostility for whatever lies underneath.

I was thinking about walls today not the kind in your house but the really big kind….the wall of china….Hadrians wall and a few others. Way back when the people who cared….the people who built cities….the people who educated had to build walls to protect their borders. None of the modern means existed….they baked bricks in the billions and constructed formidable structures. To understand an empire you need to look at the pictures if those walls and think about what it took to operate a system sometimes without paper and pencil that allowed for an empire to exist when we can barely manage the fiscal affairs of a western nation with modern banking. We gloss over history and nod never looking at the details.

Today having hit that point of having had enough we are reconsidering walls as attractive options to keep things out.

Israel has conducted studies hoping to find an answer to some if the questions that plague society. Sadly they originated the problem themselves….but they seem to think otherwise and feel that getting to know all of their lowly subjects might help them file and shuffle us in a more suitable manner. But the final conclusion has surprised them….that taking the trurh….using mind control on masses…..even trying to create a one world order has failed sublimely. Studies show them what I already figured out without a super computer….that this planet cannot support and contain all the strains that it currently does. Israel has exterminated billions through genocide over the ages…..and calculated genocide appears to be the final tally…