Why do people want to hear their own thoughts and words repeated for them…

A voice from india just said that during this experiment Israel’s job was to tell me things I wanted to hear and indias job was to lie to me. I have known that for sometime inspite of the fact that India is an abject liar and that is why israel chose them to tell lies. Lying is neither normal or easy….most people do it when they are hard pressed and their jobs and lives are at risk. There are groups of people who don’t fit that description and lying seems to be their way if life and a manner if self consolation in a world of God’s and poverty….India is that anomaly.

So why do people desperately want to feed the noise between their ears. We are each a unit of trurh testing walking around on two legs. Those who flourish and do well in life surround themselves with people and ideas that suit them. Those ideas and people can be thrown out when they become inconvenient….we have all had falling out with friends….and those moments occur over issues that cannot be resolved which create a battle ground for control.

Yes there is always a larger truth looming out thete…..that truth is the common denominator that binds life together and then we each are a reflection of that  bigger truth. We are artists allowed by the creator to bring beauty and diversity to life by showing others how we see that beauty so they too can be uplifted and inspired.

Hearing our owns thoughts and words is comforting and validating. Noone wants to be ignored, left out, denied and shunned. But occasionally we all stand up and stand form when we have something to.put forth of value and importance that we are unwilling to bypass. Someone once said that no man is an island…..