Truth is what people think they have until something happens and they need to revise their understanding….

As I have tried to document my story and place some of it on facebook I have realized that people are scared of what my words might be leading to. There has been a three party non constructive discussion between Israel, india and myself as to what the draw backs of my Ling dissertations might be. They are reading and then seeing visual attachments related to reincarnation or the return of humans after what we understand to be death back to this plain of existence. 

To date I have compiled close to 9000 pages and 3000 visual artifacts for presentation. For the obvious reasons a story is best told in its entirety in a manner so the reader can place themselves in that field of thought….that is done by holding a book, reading a book when and where you feel best. When the reader has all the material and is in control of that material then a relationship can begin.

We have discussed all manners if queries relating to what my material provokes in humans. Israel had a great response tonight which is truth is what humans think they have until the situation changes and they are forced to rethink the material. I am providing things that can be verified but are forcing the readers into coming up with some judgment in response they are not ready for because this material is being firecably injected into their world. 

This makes sense because we all live in the moment and that moment is all we have and that moment represents the truth….even if the reality is horrific, it is still the truth. In this world there are potentially as many truths as there are people. If done properly the archiving of history without tampering with it would provide a longterm way if helping solidify the truth. The average human knows enough history to fill a tiny gap in space and time…..they don’t know enough history to build a sense of the world other than through media…..and media is the worst enemy if the truth.

The media provides a view of an event as desired to control and manipulate humans within a border.  Two countries even in the western world can have opposing ways if covering the news. The burden of the truth has always been on the back of those who are most vulnerable which is the population at large. Even as consumers purchasing a product we spend a lot of time reading reviews to decide if something is what it appears to be.

In a few months human history will be given a new updo. For the first time in human history people will be able to see the faces of those who shaped history and learn something about who they are today and how that configuration with a point in history that none of us remember or were present. All manners if things will be shifted and dates reset to reflect new findings. It’s fair to say in my opinion that history will not even look the same. I read somewhere long ago that the past is not static….that as we discover and uncover things the past is also subject to change which changes our for casting for the future.

We determine who we are based on our understanding of our plane of existence. The better you define your world the better your standing will be within that world. 

The lessons I learned as an unwitting victim for 7 years is that one single human can redefine the entire game plan on earth. Life is a compendium of ongoing ripples caused by human activity and you can choose to cause a ripple big enough to refocus how the world sees things.