The makeshift gods of India…..

Arc technology is the foundation for religion….it is the little black box that made it all possible. A technology that allowed certain people with power to communicate with others in non transparent means….a way that slowly evolved into a popular control mechanism. You can speak to someone…even subliminal guide them or inflicts horrible pain on them without them ever seeing you or identifying you.

India still uses the machine in the age old tradition ways because poverty and hunger have kept india in a zone of desperation. The age of technology has yet to touch their lives.  India is a world of God’s and superstition. When they talk to me they still use that method even though they have stood at my front door.

India hires story tellets….the person using the machine has learned to become a sensory organ as they infiltrate your world. Anything you look at or think about or speak to another is rapidly turned into a story line. If I look at Facebook…they will comment about someone on my page and what that person’s perception might be about me. Their job is to build the architecture of a story line that the listener is willing to participate with. Once they pull you in you will now talk back about this new line of conversation and the technology seeks part of your brain to stimulate you to continue. 

In ancient times the story tellers pretended to be heavenly messengers bringing messages, warnings and experiences through psychosis to the listener who could interact with a sophisticated computer that weaves mental images of anything you can call this an interactive fantasy or lucid dreams that can be built upon and become it’s own world equally real to the one in which we live.

Those heavenly story tellers then led the listeners to making monetary donations in the name of the gods which they pretended to be. This was the standard method for religion all over the world….leading someone with a desire to a place where money was deposited in reverence.

As humans grew into the industrial age and the communication and age of media that technology has mutated to fulfill the needs of Commerce. The machine can find a human with a desire and lead them to making a purchase….it can influence political constituents….it can steal intellectual ideas. The real issue in the United states is that India uses the machine creating a syndrome that includes voice hearing…panic attacks…ADHD…and other neurological symptoms. Israel does it covertly in a far more sophisticated manner not detected by humans to advance their own cause on this soil.

One thing israel and india knew long ago was that religion was the best retail outlet. It is the place where you customize an imaginary solution to what ails humanity all day long…..those solutions yield fast cash….you don’t have to sew clothing….or create a product with an expiration date that need sit on a shelf….you require minimal employees. 

India and Israel have worked as a joint effort using this technology to meet their needs financially but that Avenue of misleading people is becoming smaller. As the world grew up and diversified and technologies were created for industry that became the focus for most nations on earth but a few. India and Israel where both places on earth where the word of God and it’s assembly were big money makers and the chief industry. Israel uses the machine to sell god, genocide and political control at the same time. India has become it’s own lie and is angry because it does not know how to use arc technology to bring itself into the industrial and communication age.

Israel does not want to be implicated in wrong doing…..they see themselves as advanced humans that are drawn to knowledge and that they used the machine to study humans. The best way to study humans is when they are unaware of being watched….but they don’t want you to know the extent of that.  Once you understand space age technology can allow you to enjoy the organs of a stranger genocide takes on a new defenition.

Israel thought it could keep arc technology undergrads indefinitely as its secret to success. They are finally figuring out that everything has its limitations. They allowed india to murder millions on American soil as they created pharmaceuticals to drown us in medication and dysfunction as they banked the money.

Oddly enough the machine was originally a device of communication between earth and Jupiter a place we know as heaven. Jupiter is the land of Justice and they are horrified that two countries stole the machines ….removed the truth…created their own until it crashed and burned.