There are all sorts of written dialogue within nature….commands that are firmed and fashioned in a way to guide and monitor living things. When you break things down you begin to realize why this is done . One of the best known commands or rules is love. Love is a bundle of signals that reinforce human bonds….it is the highest calling for most humans. 

It’s fair to say that when you do well nature gives you love as a reward for hard work. In a previous blog we discussed love as having been earned and tested over many lifetimes by partners….that even though we fall in love like a sticky substance, it’s not instantaneous at all….because partners have always been partners. Love is the recognition of that effective and successful combination that they have been together.

People who love and are loved…are stable humans. They do not offend society by aggregated abuse of others. When you look at countries that lead the world in prosperity you see people who value life and communication and family as the foundation of all things. 

When you look at countries that are failing you fail to see love being practiced. These are countries that abuse women and children and everything that moves. They kill each other and desecrate each other until family is barely existent. India has 30 million orphans walking it’s streets the size if Canada’s population. They have torn the fabric of their society until trust and live and communication have been replaced by pure survival instinct. Nature no longer awards them love as reinforcement….no amount of rice is going to fix that problem. We want to take failing situations and temporarily reupholster them…..when the foundation does not exist and the ideology does not include emotional stability that comes from live and respect….it will never work….especially in a world where half the population are absolute believers in love.

So all the warships and political propaganda aside nature prefers certain combinations….the combinations that value life are those that will move ahead.its not enough to provide basics for survival such as food and water by placing them in front if needy people. Humans have a need for human interaction that validates their reason for living and strengthens their bonds within society.