Aurelius and Quintellus….the Herrick family…….

I sometimes wonder what the people on my Facebook page think when they see the face matches….do they think that I sit there for hours a day trying to tickle their funny bone and sell them an afterlife story by finding a statue that looks like them. So I thought we would take a closer look at what is involved. It’s absolutely correct that on occasion I have made a project of trying to locate an individual. This morning Israel wanted to know if I could do a search and locate on demand. As I do my thing , they do theirs, which entails studying every move I make in an attempt to understand who I am and why these events are crucial to human history. How do we validate a reincarnation…..well they have ancient archives on arc technology of thousands of humans they have studied before which they compare yet again to their incarnation in this lifetime. Is Nena Razmara the same person or is she a clone with a different set of attributes.its like taste testing Godiva chocolates….the outside is intetesting but the inside is a bigger surprise. Not only do they keep a list of everything that I do each day and analyze it but they look at me from different angles to get a perspective if me as a woman, a mother, a member of society and a historical figure who has returned but they want to compare my last rise to fame to my current facebook status. Israel studies everything they can usually for their own purposes but even as an unwitting victim I try to learn from their mistakes.

There are 75 individuals on my Facebook page….the majority of which are CAC students followed by family members and then a few people that I met on facebook through others. Like most of you I am a private person and I deleted 150 that had found their way to my page simply on facebook without a connection to a real friendship because I got tired of managing the consequences of poor behavior. My page is no different than any other page but it is. It’s time everyone looked at their pages as the foundation of a social group that is ancient. According to Israel those who gather together have been a part of a large group for longer than their brains can absorb and understand. We are a real net work not just the incidental gathering that we might appear to be. My Facebook page is a slice of a much bigger showing that may not have a Facebook membership.

The final tally of the people on my page and their connective tossue becomes a mathematical calculation that tells Israel something about the Roman Empire. We are a reaccuring theme which means that we have been on earth and we have returned to earth. This perticular lifetime is a variation on a theme….this planet has changed and grown and gone through its own metamorphisis and we define a strata of that change. We are no longer Rome and we are not even located at the same longitude and magnitude but we are now a simalr gathering known as the United States of America. Our asperations have not changed and we are that same group of people simply redefined.

Israel has found itself next door to is time and again and they are not happy about it. Jews may look like Caucasians but they are a specific species and racial group. They did not come to earth from Jupiter and their society did not resemble ours ideologically. They have failed to thrive on this planet because we have managed to fair better in a global society because at the core we are lovers of social freedom and enterprise. Jews came from a society where the individual roles were defined and not subject to.personal ambition, a society where a few lived well and others served them. A society where slavery was  accepted as a natural course of events.

At this particular juncture humans judge each other rather superficially…meaning that skin color, facial structure and personal habits are a decision maker. Very few humans without the use of arc technology can grasp the differences in genetic makeup that create our perceptions of our world. We as racial groups differ more on the inside wiring than we do on the outside wrapping. The issues that cause abrasion and tension within humans are all regulated by perception….color is our initial understanding of what creates racial tension but in reality it is not.

As Israel put it their internal wiring made them feel as though they had failed time and again to become a part of the larger white races. Our competitive edge and social mores allowed us a freedom theirs did not. And those areas in which the acceded and held a lead seem to fall apart in the long run. They see themselves not only compelled to rule over others….but to control financial assets. They push and shove people turning them into wallets and financial assets not allowing them to manage their own lives. For us happiness is the greater part of life….for them financial control and assets define who you are.

They made up for their inability to compete with us by mastering the art of racial conflict to turn the head of society away from the real issues while they tried to resettle themselves each time they failed absolute control.

On my Facebook page are 75 people and their families and social network extending beyond my view. If you were to make a long list of all the Roman Emperors not just the better known twelve Caesars they are all apart of my family and social group. Every face that is matched to a statue and a painting has family connections and when we are able to identify those….others…then we go from a match to a validation. A validation is taking several units and deciding if they are related and how they are related. History is not always correct in its assertions….those who wrote historical books often put them together by gluing peices they barely understood….sometimes it was the right combination and sometimes not but often when you sift through data and artifacts you are able to realign things when you have photographs, descriptions and the knowledge that immortality is real and we are validating that in front of you on facebook.

Today I found Zachary Toot by simply doing a visual search….luckily his roman bust was identified….following that identification I located several other names and one of them yielded Andy Herrick statue. Both of these statues were related in history as they are at this point. If the statues are dated correctly then we can compare those differences to see if they match the age difference if the individuals. We are comparing known quantities against unknown or partially known portions. The process is so complicated that when done correctly it yields amazing results.

I can trace my family 40 times in human history…life in earth occupies a time of 500,000 yeats not 12,000 yeats but subject to war, nature’s extremes and human greed this is what we have left to work with.when I trace my life in earth…I see that I have been a part of population shifts traveling from continent to continent…I have found archeological evidence of members of my social group doing the same following the same routes. This is how israel determined that each human is part of a vast overlapping network and because of that factor we travel as a group and encounter other groups that we did not get along with before for the same reasons as before accentuated by time and technology.

The study of human groups and their interactions helps us for casting and understand the future of earth.  Each group can be viewed as a set of mathematical probabilities and what those probabilities define. Countries like India and Mexico create equations that are out if control and cannot be brought under management fast enough to keep commerce and human rights functioning on this planet. The numbers are growing exponentially within these groups than the group itself can positively manage…such as feeding, educating, birth control and building and agriculture. When the numbers get out of control populations leave their borders and surge creating refugees which in turn become a burden on the rest if society and force it into a drastic decline.